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DS Smith's discharge counting device

some manufacturers in the sticky box Department of the company can only output the maximum force. Mr. Mike cook, the manager, said, "our company's largest sticky box counting device is specially used for the production of outer packaging cartons for eggs. The interlocking bottom and narrow structural design of this kind of carton increase the production difficulty. One of the bottlenecks is the counting row 10 device that enters the bottom of the carton forming equipment. "

in order to cope with the market miniaturization trend of carton demand and the changes in the design requirements of major customers for the horizontal line, the company has set up a special research group to seek solutions for the production of such cartons. Mr. Cook said, "now, many of these cartons are used for display and display. The popularity of 8 dozen egg cartons is equivalent to that of 16 dozen egg cartons in the past. The problem is that this kind of small carton is lower than the standard that most carton forming machines can produce, so usually only two cartons can be produced together, which increases the difficulty of production."

with the help of a series of equipment installed in various production bases by DS Smith packaging, the research team can observe possible solutions in various departments. After visiting the Fordham factory in Cambridgeshire, the team was lucky to see the most advanced and suitable for installation in the standard; The counting and discharging device on the "Marti" carton forming machine. Mr. cook recalled, "obviously, this is the key to solve this problem. Considering the principles of mechanical physics, cartons will not be blocked by the workbench and piston in Martin's discharge counting device. When purchasing martin924, this discharge counting machine has not been born. But we soon realized that installing this device can solve 95% of the carton discharge counting problem."

A few hundred miles away from Bristol, another DS

Smith packaging factory in Launceston is also installing a new counting and discharging device for their martin924. The die-cutting speed of the current die-cutting machine in this factory has been greatly improved compared with the past, but its production efficiency is limited by the bottom counting and discharging device


martintop counter ejector counting and discharging device is designed to stack die-cut and folding machine instruments and meters. The classification of the market status of instruments and meters is based on the new national economic classification specification. The folded or unfolded cartons also include the cartons that have not been die-cut

due to its independent drive motor, it is easy to produce in linkage with any carton forming machine, not just limited to Martin production line. The working unit has excellent performance and can effectively carry out waste cleaning and accurate counting. The first carton from the carton forming machine falls on the separation guide claw. When the cartons are stacked, the easily adjusted air pipe orifice ensures that the top carton is always in a closed state, while a moving support object flattens the carton stack to ensure that the carton bundle is always in the best state. When the counting device counts the number of cartons, the separation guide claw will quickly retract, so that the carton stack will fall on a conveyor with a built-in lifting platform on the lower layer, making China's polyaminoic acid at the international advanced level

the conveyor heaps the cartons away. The pressure belt at the top ensures the smooth glue pasting work. Finally, the baled cartons come out of the counting and discharging unit and wait for the next processing process, such as palletizing or baling

Phii Dobson of boster group said, "this counting and discharging method is more convenient for carton stacking, including die-cutting cartons. Since there are few wrinkles, the quality of finished cartons can be greatly improved. The machine has excellent performance, and the size of the processed paperboard is consistent with that of the bale. The stack height of the treatable paperboard ranges from 80mm to 390mm. Because the unit has the function of short order cycle, it can easily handle small batches of large-size paperboard without being pushed

c00k was very satisfied with the results achieved after the new unit was installed in the factory. He said, "in this way, we can start a new production project. At the same time, we can also improve the production speed of the existing machines. Although we are still in the exploratory stage, in just three months, we have made a big step forward than the set goal - the performance of the equipment has been improved by 20%. I think there is still the possibility of further improvement."

in addition to the improvement of production speed, Mr. cook is also quite satisfied with the waste reduction rate. He said, "after installing the new unit, we have to deal with the clamped cartons much less than in the past. At the same time, because the packaging and discharge are almost frictionless, there is no damage to the cartons. Of course, we still need to improve our operating skills.

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