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On December 3, 2012, at the fourth China foreign investment and cooperation Fair to improve energy efficiency, Liu Qi, deputy director of the national energy administration, said: "the installation target of photovoltaic power generation in the 12th Five Year Plan will also be adjusted."

so far 2 The measurement range and indication error have been adjusted four times in the 12th Five Year Plan of China's photovoltaic power generation. It has been adjusted from the earliest 5GW to 10GW and 15gw

the last adjustment was on July 7 this year. The National Energy Administration issued a document: by the end of 2015, the installed capacity of solar power generation will reach 21 and the coal heated granulator in Northern Shaanxi will be more than 1million kW (21gw), with an annual power generation of 25billion kwh. However, this was originally considered as a "freeze frame" goal, but a few months later, the fifth adjustment began to be brewing again

facing the continuously amplified photovoltaic installation target. Although, many companies with a/d converters are still waiting for the implementation of relevant subsidy policies. However, some international PV module manufacturers have started to take action

"in our schedule, setting up factories in China has been put on our development plan. Although we are not sure about the specific time now, I am full of confidence in our future market opportunities in China." As one of the world's leading photovoltaic inverter manufacturers, Geng Bo, general manager of sparic China, said

according to him, although sparnik has not much market share in China. However, they hope to establish their own brands in China through some demonstration projects in order to catch the fast train of China's photovoltaic development in the near future. "At present, we are preparing to participate in a 20 MW project in Gansu. Although we used to mainly do distributed, we are also trying to participate in some MW projects."

"for the Chinese market, in the words of our CEO, if we don't have opportunities in the Chinese market, we really can't think of any opportunities in the world." Geng Bo said. Zhonghua glass () Department

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