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The installed capacity of wind power in Germany increased significantly

according to the data released by the German wind energy Federation, 895 new wind turbines were added in Germany in 2011, with a new power generation capacity of 2000 megawatts (MW), equivalent to the power generation capacity of two nuclear power plants, an increase of 30% compared with 2010. It is particularly noteworthy that many of these new wind turbines are distributed in Bavaria and Rhine, and the task of transforming laboratory measured performance into commercial utilization has been proved to be far more challenging than expected in the LAN falz region. The wind power in these regions has been lagging in the past few years, indicating that the attraction of wind energy is increasing. At the same time, not only the number of wind turbines is increasing, but also the performance of wind turbines is constantly improving. There is a trend to replace old wind turbines with high-performance wind turbines. Last year, 170 old wind turbines in Germany were replaced by 95 new wind turbines. The power generation capacity of these new wind turbines is twice that of the original equipment. The development of offshore wind farms also shows a strong momentum. In 2011, the new power generation capacity was 108 megawatts (MW), and the total amount reached 200 megawatts (MW). By the end of 2012, 10 offshore wind farms will be built, with a total power generation capacity of 2000 megawatts (MW)

so far, the global consumption of glass fiber composite materials for construction in Germany will reach 9.6 million tons, and the total installed capacity is close to 30000 trillion. It can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time to produce watts. Theoretically, it can cover 10% of the total power demand in Germany, and has become the most important renewable energy in Germany

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