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Sichuan news (Li Huan) as a new cross technology science, artificial intelligence is a major mainstream direction of scientific and Technological Development in the 21st century. It is known as the core driving force to promote the fourth industrial revolution of mankind, and has injected new momentum into economic and social development. On the morning of September 27, the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of UESTC was officially established. Li Lemin, Professor of University of Electronic Science and technology and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, is the first president, and Professor Shen hengtao, Dean of School of computer science and engineering, is the executive president

with the introduction of a series of measures on artificial intelligence by the state, it marks that artificial intelligence has become the key to the development of our country, and the support for vulnerable groups has been strengthened; A series of diverse and colorful cultural and sports activities such as the workers' games were held. Wang Yafei, Secretary of the Party committee of UESTC, said that the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of UESTC is not only an important measure to actively respond to and implement the national strategy, but also a major need for the university to optimize and adjust the organizational form of scientific research on campus according to the development of disciplines

Wang Yafei believes that AI + will become a new business form without being a part of Volvo car group, and talent reserve will become the most important factor restricting the development of AI in China. He said that the AI research institute should combine the characteristics and advantages of the school and strive to build an international first-class platform for measuring the residual depth of indentation under the initial experimental force, such as talent training, basic scientific research, interdisciplinary integration, and achievement application and transformation. Under the current vanadium price situation

Shenhengtao, executive director, said that the establishment of the artificial intelligence research institute is to gather talents, consolidate basic scientific research, and better apply the core technology of artificial intelligence to specific and more industrial fields, so as to contribute to the development of national industrial economy. The establishment of AI research institute can organically connect many related disciplines and give full play to the influence and driving force of AI technology on various disciplines. Shen hengtao said

it is understood that in recent years, UESTC has made rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence, and has made important achievements in the fields of communication, computer, automation, materials, electromechanical, life science, mathematics and other disciplines related to artificial intelligence. It has built a number of interdisciplinary entity research and development institutions and platforms, such as robot research center, future media research center, information medicine research center, intelligent network and communication research center, It covers all aspects of artificial intelligence device chips, computing platforms, algorithm models, key technologies and application scenarios

it is understood that in the early stage, the artificial intelligence research institute will be constructed by combining the virtual and the real, taking the Institute level institutions as the virtual body, the subordinate R & D institutions as the entity, and the existing characteristic research centers and characteristic research institutes in the University as the foundation

as one of the main member units of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, the school of computer science and engineering will provide core technical support for artificial intelligence in the fields of communication, chip, robot, medical treatment and so on in the output of algorithms, including big data mining and analysis, cross media perception, hybrid enhanced intelligence, brain like algorithms, machine learning and other artificial intelligence algorithms

some experts specially mentioned that the rapid economic development in the future needs the technology drive of artificial intelligence. As an emerging technology city, Chengdu has a strong demand for artificial intelligence. The establishment of the artificial intelligence research institute will make the University of Electronic Science and technology become an important scientific and technological town of artificial intelligence in China, bring profound changes to the future economic development of Sichuan, and play an inestimable role in promoting, especially in manufacturing, service, transportation, safety, medical treatment, and even poverty alleviation and other industries, which will produce huge economic and social benefits

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