The installed capacity of wind power surged by 100

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In the first half of the year, the installed capacity of wind power surged by 100%

on the 30th, it was learned from the state power corporation that as of the end of June, the combined installed capacity of wind power across the country was 11.81 million KW, an increase of 101% year-on-year, but the problem of power access has become the biggest bottleneck faced by wind power and photovoltaic in the rapid development process

Shu Yinbiao, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, told this newspaper that the State Grid Corporation of China has recently prepared and issued the "technical regulations on the access to electricity of wind farms of the State Grid Corporation of China (Revised)", and the company's "technical regulations on the access to electricity of photovoltaic power stations" has been reported to the national energy administration and issued to the company's system for implementation. Shu Yinbiao said, "unlike Europe and the United States, China's wind power bases are all 10 million kilowatts. Due to the instability of wind power, large-scale, high-concentration development and long-distance, high-voltage transmission bring great difficulties to the operation of electricity and aging experiments. Everyone has realized the problem, and it is urgent to raise the above standards to national standards as soon as possible."

Shu Yinbiao said that China is also actively carrying out other work to promote the development of new energy. First, the transmission planning of three megawatt wind power bases including Jiuquan phase I has been completed, and the transmission planning of Hebei megawatt wind power base and other regions is being carried out; Second, in the first six months, it insisted on purchasing 12.8 billion kwh of new energy, an increase of 105% year-on-year; Third, actively promote the national wind and solar power research and testing, and the construction of high-efficiency and energy-saving granulator is the terminator of waste plastics. At present, the wind power research and testing center has passed the expert demonstration organized by the energy administration, and the solar energy research and testing center has been reported to the energy administration. The national power strives to have and test capacity in 2010

it is learned that at present, due to problems such as merger, 30% of the units of Inner Mongolia Wind Farm are vacant, resulting in a huge waste of resources. Moreover, the Wind Power Research Report of the seven provinces and regions of the China Electricity Regulatory Commission also pointed out that domestic wind farms are generally difficult to operate or suffer losses, and the merger problem is one of the main reasons

wind farms in Europe and the United States are small in scale, mainly connected to distribution in a decentralized manner and consumed locally. For example, at the end of last year, the installed capacity of wind power in Germany reached 23.9 million KW, and the installed capacity of most electric fields was less than 50000 kW, with local access to distribution accounting for 70%. However, China plans to build seven ten million kilowatt wind power bases in the coastal provinces of Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Hebei, Jilin, Xinjiang and Jiangsu. More than 95% of the wind energy resources are in the "Three North" areas and the eastern coast, while two-thirds of the demand is concentrated in the eastern and central regions. Wind power cannot be consumed locally and needs to rely on high voltage levels and large-scale long-distance transmission, resulting in system peak and frequency regulation, power adaptability After installation, take out the spacer of the gauge rod to solve the problems of voltage control, safety and stability

Shu Yinbiao suggested that, first, the overall layout plan of new energy, such as hair wax, lotion, cream and foam hairdressing products, such as national wind power, should be introduced as soon as possible, and the new energy plan should be included in the medium and long-term power planning; 2、 Strict technical requirements for wind power and solar power generation, and revise and issue national standards as soon as possible; 3、 Referring to foreign experience, we will implement the policy of conditional full purchase and strengthen the prediction of wind farm electricity. Power producers have accurately predicted electricity from electricity in advance, and electricity has been purchased in full according to the assessment standards

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