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Adding anti-collision barriers to the stacker can reduce the accident rate

adding anti-collision barriers to the stacker can reduce the accident rate

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"after installing barriers to the stacker, I feel much more at ease when working." Recently, a master of Ningbo gangling Logistics Co., Ltd. who is operating a 100 LB dynamometer of the stacker and installing it in a 1000 LB mold frame said that not long ago, the company had just added anti-collision barriers to the stacker, which brought a guarantee to their safety. It is understood that the stacker is the main machine for empty container loading and unloading operations. It operates 24 hours a day, with an average of about 300 containers per day. CEN Guoming, manager of the Safety Technology Department of Ningbo gangling Logistics Co., Ltd., said: "in the second half of the night, truck drivers and stacker operators are inevitably tired, and this is precisely a dangerous high incidence period." In June and August this year, the tires of a stacking machine in a storage yard in Beilun and a large ton forklift truck in a warehouse were crushed, causing two deaths. According to incomplete statistics, since 2012, seven people have been crushed to death at the wharf and storage yard in Beilun

according to the introduction, although the company previously installed terminals of reversing visual system and wireless vehicle mounted system for the stacker, there are still some visual dead corners in the actual work without making an uncertainty assessment of the measurement results. On the basis of repeatedly studying the causes of the accident and without affecting the main structure of the machine and the replacement of tires, technicians installed movable anti-collision barriers on the front and rear tires of the stacker to enhance the industrial transformation and upgrading of the city. In this way, it can effectively isolate people who accidentally hit from the front or rear, so that they will no longer be crushed by tires, so as to improve the safety during operation

"the materials used for installation are mainly 6 cm thick steel pipes and steel hinges, and the installation cost is about 1000 yuan per set." CEN Guoming said, "it is suggested that companies with stackers, front cranes and large tonnage forklifts may wish to change them, and they will certainly receive excellent results."

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