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Xiamen Sanming Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the market to promote marketing

Guide: Xiamen Sanming Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. seizes the market opportunity, actively focuses on market sales outside and management innovation inside. The first quarter of this year made a good start. The total industrial output value (constant price) increased by 77.5% year-on-year, the product sales revenue increased by 110.9% year-on-year, and the market share increased by 2.41% year-on-year

Xiamen Industrial Group Sanming Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. seized the market opportunity to actively focus on market sales and management innovation. The first quarter of this year made a good start. The total industrial output value (constant price) increased by 77.5% year-on-year, the product sales revenue increased by 110.9% year-on-year, and the market share increased by 2.41 percentage points year-on-year

in view of the fierce competition in the roller market, triple has been continuously improved in the integration, constantly practiced in the market, continuously improved the management level in the change, and implemented a comprehensive change management. In terms of marketing management, the first is to establish a "three-level linkage" organizational chain of sales companies, sales departments and provincial offices, which combines responsibility, power, benefit and efficiency, and build a sustainable and rapid development platform for the company's products to expand domestic and foreign markets. The second is to make full use of the network resources of brother enterprises such as XCMG and Xiamen forklift factory, form a strategic alliance with powerful middlemen, and implement the "mortgage" to sell the ex factory price, and the batch sale of the yield price. "The disadvantage of buyout is that the summary may have nothing to do with the content of the inquiry; the other is the" dynamic summary "method, which is the price policy of sales preferential price and large customer bidding flexible price. Third, for provinces and cities with weak product sales, implement comprehensive marketing strategies and match them within ± 0.5% of the set value; Set of preferential policies. Fourth, implement the general contracting of after-sales service fees and expand local maintenance services; In Beijing, Sichuan and Xiamen, the spare parts center libraries have been established, and user complaint lines have been installed in the offices of the general manager and the Secretary of the Party committee to check and supervise the timeliness of spare parts supply and after-sales service. Fifthly, it is stipulated within the enterprise that the work of personnel in all departments and at all levels of the enterprise must focus on marketing, and the feedback and handling system of problems should be guaranteed by the "four hour re order system", the punishment for dereliction of duty and the measures to bear the joint and several should be implemented, and a rapid response mechanism suitable for the market should be established

in terms of fund management, the company implements comprehensive fund budget management. Starting with budget, decomposition and assessment, the financial department has established a fund management system combining pre budget, in-process control, post analysis and use, management and supervision. We have implemented multi-channel financing methods such as the sales department accelerating the collection of payment for goods, strictly controlling the export of funds, and increasing the amount of short-term bank loans, ensuring the timely release of production funds and the timely supply of products

in 2007, NASA developed a tool with remarkable results for many years.

in terms of improving production capacity, it plans to invest 10million yuan in technological transformation throughout the year. From January to April, 5.38 million yuan has been invested in technological transformation. The technical renovation project of the roller assembly line has been completed and will be put into production soon. After the newly added CNC cutting equipment is installed in place, the process of centralized blanking, component welding and overall assembly of metal structural parts will effectively improve production efficiency, form a production scale of 2000 road rollers per year, and fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient production capacity

in terms of accelerating product research and development, the YZC12 intelligent series vibratory roller being developed by the company was included in the 2003 national high technology research and development plan (863 plan) by the Ministry of science and technology. At the same time, new products such as cdw40a road surface efficient maintenance vehicle are in the stage of development and trial production, and will soon be put on the market

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