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XCMG: build a new platform for industrial cooperation to build a high-end manufacturing base

XCMG: build a new platform for industrial cooperation to build a high-end manufacturing base

China Construction machinery information

on July 21, the "XCMG shield machine observation and exchange meeting" hosted by the Fujian Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, CO organized by the Xiamen municipal construction and Administration Bureau, and organized by Xiamen XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the Xiamen Industrial Park. Lin zengzhong, chief engineer of Fujian Provincial Department of housing and construction, Xue Yiqiang, deputy chief engineer, Huang Liqiang, head of the provincial quality supervision station, Lin Dezhi, director of Xiamen Construction Bureau, and other relevant leaders, industry experts, and leaders of construction units and large construction enterprises in Fujian gathered in Ludao to observe high-end manufacturing technology, exchange local construction experience, and jointly build a new platform for industrial docking and cooperation

at about 9 a.m., the "Xiamen shield machine observation and exchange meeting" kicked off at the construction site of Xiamen yuanboyuan Metro Line 1. All the participants went to the subway construction site to observe and learn how to carry out subway construction safely and effectively under the complex geological conditions in Xiamen. It is reported that the construction section you are observing is located at the beginning of Xiamen Metro Line 1, and is an important transit hub connecting the inside and outside of the island. Xiamen has complex geological conditions, and the tunnel mainly passes through silty clay, medium sand, coarse sand, gravel sand, eluvium, etc., which has high performance requirements for shield machines. China Railway Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. adapts to local conditions, adopts first-class technology, integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing and information technology, and makes great efforts in the design of cutter head, so that the customized high-end shield machine equipment has strong adaptability, and the maximum monthly tunneling can reach 335 rings (402 meters). It is understood that a total of 11 sets of Xiamen cet6450 earth pressure balance shield machines are currently used in Xiamen rail transit After the completion of the first cutting, it will be connected to the tunneling construction of line 1. Four new orders will be placed this year for the construction of Xiamen Metro Line 2

after visiting the subway construction site, the participants drove to the Xiamen factory area to further exchange views on the development of urban underground space and product cooperation. At this time, in the Xiamen Industrial Park, loaders, excavators, forklifts, minicomputers, road machinery, concrete machinery, rotary drills, hoisting machinery and other types of 2-year backward travel follow-up review, "Iron Man" has already made a good welcome posture, with the best mental outlook to welcome the arrival of distinguished guests. Xuzhenming, chairman of Xiamen Industrial Group, said that in the new era of vigorous development of urban underground space, Xiamen Industrial Group has keenly and firmly seized a promising development opportunity, committed to the import substitution and industrial upgrading of key parts, strengthened the research and development of new intelligent products, and improved the overall technical level of domestic construction machinery, so as to realize the "going out" of high-end equipment manufacturing industry along the the Belt and Road

in the afternoon of the same day, the special docking of shield and general products of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. 3. Zigzag fixture meeting was held at the same time, and the participants tried to shape a virtuous cycle of "investment and construction - development and Utilization - obtaining income and expanding construction" in the exchange and cooperation. Bai Feiping, President of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group, said that the biggest problem in the measurement process of fatigue testing machine was the problem of sample selection. During the great opportunity period when the country vigorously promoted the "made in China 2025" strategy and vigorously accelerated the infrastructure construction in Haixi in Fujian, Xiamen Construction Engineering Group will accelerate the pace of independent technological innovation, increase investment in high-end equipment manufacturing, provide the best quality products and services, and form a long-term stable, complementary Win win strategic partnership, jointly participate in the construction of urban infrastructure and related supporting industries in our province, and work with large construction enterprises to expand the construction market outside the province, so as to go out of the "door of the country", participate in international competition together, and make greater contributions to the economic development of Fujian

leadership quotations:

1 Lin zengzhong, chief engineer of Fujian Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development: this site observation and technical exchange meeting of Xiamen construction shield machine is the first time for Fujian provincial housing and urban rural development system. The Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development attaches great importance to the research and deployment of special topics, and hopes to build a platform for the government and enterprises to enhance understanding and cooperation through similar conference activities. At the same time, it also hopes that through such conference activities, Further enhance the awareness of provincial housing construction system service enterprises to promote market development

2. Lin Dezhi, director of Xiamen Construction Bureau: Xiamen rail transit is speeding up its construction. This observation and exchange meeting is at the right time. The smooth progress of Xiamen rail transit project cannot be separated from the positive role played by the large-scale shield machine of Xiamen Railway Group. It is hoped that through observation and exchange, mutual learning and improvement, the development level of underground space will be further improved, and at the same time, the construction units of central enterprises in Fujian and large construction enterprises in the province will be able to work closely with the local important high-end equipment manufacturer XCMG to build a strategic partnership

3. Bai Feiping, President of XCMG: the tunnel boring machinery jointly produced by XCMG and China Railway, together with XCMG loaders, excavators, forklifts, small machines, road machinery, concrete machinery, rotary drills, hoisting machinery and other products, constitute a large industrial platform, which can customize system solutions including engineering equipment, technical services, project management, investment and financing for urban infrastructure construction

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