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Xiamen plans to build 8 high-level blue collar training bases

Xiamen plans to build 8 high skilled talent training platforms to incubate 8 types of high-level blue collar workers, so that Xiamen technicians and senior technicians will increase to 4000 within 6 years. These bases will focus on vocational skills training that individual schools and enterprises cannot afford, adhere to the principle of non-profit and low-density, and open to society, schools and enterprises. At the demonstration meeting on the construction of public training bases for highly skilled talents held recently, the Labor Department of Xiamen announced that the construction of three training bases will be started in the first phase

these three bases are: the Xiang'an campus base of the municipal senior technical school, which plans to build a practical training platform for precision machining and mold manufacturing, electronic information manufacturing, and photoelectric technology; Wanshou campus base of the municipal advanced technical school plans to build a training platform for industrial and electrical control, building intelligent control technology; Haicang labor market building base plans to build a training platform for welding technology, automobile maintenance and in plant lifting equipment

these training platforms will provide services for enterprises as close as possible. Wuxuexiang, deputy director of Xiamen labor and Social Security Bureau, said that such as the electric welding technology training platform, it will transport talents for Haicang Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry nearby; The photoelectric technology training platform will provide talents for Xiang'an Youda photoelectric and other enterprises nearby

in the second stage of the future, it is planned to establish four training bases in Zhongxia labor export training center, Xiang'an torch Park, Xiamen Institute of technology and Jimei vocational Center School: modern logistics, printing technology, advanced architectural decoration and other training bases, clothing manufacturing, simulation technology testing department, new product training and R & D center training base and new career development training base

it is said that the purpose of cultivating highly skilled talents in Xiamen is to increase the number of senior workers in the city from 5200 to 19000 by 2010, with a single month cost increase of 25.48%! People; The number of technicians and senior technicians has increased from more than 600 to 4000

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