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Xiamen investment promotion epoxy coated steel bars and production equipment project

Xiamen investment promotion epoxy coated steel bars and production equipment project

October 9, 2004

Fujian Xiamen recently made public investment promotion. With joint ventures, cooperation, technology introduction, equipment introduction and other aspects of metal and non-metal tensile tests, we sincerely invite the industry to jointly build epoxy coated steel bars and complete sets of production equipment projects

the technology used in this project is a patented technology developed by China. It adopts special surface treatment technology and high-voltage electrostatic spraying method to form a uniform epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating with a certain thickness on the reinforcement matrix, so that the physical and chemical properties of the product are stable, with the characteristics of heavy corrosion prevention, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, temperature resistance, insulation, etc. This technology has been used in bridges, wharves, airports, major buildings, sewage treatment plants display mode: computer display, especially on offshore buildings, can improve the service life of more than 50 years. It is a new type of anticorrosive steel for construction. The production equipment is developed by relying on imported foreign technology, including ultra long special shot blasting equipment, ultra wide induction heater, and a complete set of spraying equipment to avoid short shot, fracture, deformation, burr and even damage to mold coating, dust removal, powder recovery equipment and conveying line of finished products. The complete set of equipment is the first in China, which can replace imported equipment and save a lot of money, although in order to obtain the desired effect

according to the introduction, this project belongs to the project encouraged by the state, and there are no pollution problems such as gas, water and solid waste. The total investment is 1.25 million US dollars, and the partner can invest in capital, equipment and other ways. The complete set of equipment developed with this imported technology can save more than 6 million yuan of investment compared with imported similar equipment. A single production line of the complete set of equipment can produce 15400 tons of epoxy resin coated steel bars per year, with an annual sales revenue of 74 million yuan, a profit of 21 million yuan, and an investment payback period of half a year. Interested parties can call 0592 - or

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