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Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. held the "first maintenance skills competition" of national distribution service providers

Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. held the "first maintenance skills competition" of national distribution service providers

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recently, a "Wulin" grand meeting of construction machinery maintenance skills aimed at exchanging skills, promoting each other and showing the style of service maintenance personnel - "the first Xiamen Industrial machinery maintenance skills competition" was held in Xiamen Industrial Group production base

opening ceremony of the competition

Baicheng president Bai Feiping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech

according to the introduction, this competition attracted more than 50 strong players from nationwide distribution service providers of Baicheng, including both experienced teachers and novices who are diligent and eager to learn. They gathered on the same stage, exchanged fault judgment and maintenance experience with each other, and competed on the same stage, which fully displayed the mental outlook and skill level of Xiamen Construction Engineering maintenance service personnel

"to do maintenance service work, we need to be serious, meticulous, rigorous and responsible!" Said master Zhang from Liaoning. This is not true. The contestants at the theoretical test site all made every effort to carefully review the paper and answer every detail. Some older contestants read word by word carefully for fear of missing any key words... And at the troubleshooting competition site, their professionalism was shown most truly and directly. Just listen to the order of the chief referee, and the contestants will inspect the surrounding of the machine, check tools, verify the faults on the machine, and analyze the principle drawings; Finally, when it comes to troubleshooting, everyone is racing against time, concentrating, and taking out his lifelong skills to solve the "battle" as quickly as possible

contestants are carefully answering questions

contestants are carefully troubleshooting

contestants are racing against time to repair faults

after two days of exchange, learning and intense competition, Lian Huiyuan from Henan COSCO Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Tu Longsheng from Longyan Jianqi Construction Machinery Service Co., Ltd., including relevant personnel from the business department of selling products, finally came to the fore, Won the crown of loading unit and excavation unit respectively. Contestants from Taiyuan Songcheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Guizhou Jieli Xiagong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., Tonghua Shunda Construction Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. and other units won the second place. Data from Anyang AIA Machinery Co., Ltd., Harbin Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangzhou IHS Markit company, which converts pressure signals into electrical signals, showed that the contestants from Doufu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Hubei Runda Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Nantong Dingcheng Machinery Co., Ltd. and other units won the third place. XCMG will issue award certificates to the top three contestants and give 5 points to the distribution service providers who actively participate in the competition in the service assessment in December

According to the person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the competition, the holding of this competition has set off a hot wave of improving maintenance skills in the national distribution service system of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. by studying skills, exchanging skills and jointly learning and improving maintenance skills. It will further promote the distribution service providers to pay more attention to the improvement of the skill level of service and maintenance personnel, and also make the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more optimistic, which will further stimulate the maintenance service personnel to study the maintenance technology and provide more satisfactory services to customers

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