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Xiamen: packaging purified shellfish will be launched later this month. New news has come out of the purified shellfish market, which once seemed "silent". The Municipal Oceanic and Fishery Bureau said yesterday that it is expected that citizens will be able to buy purified shellfish with packaging later this month

the news about the listing of purified shellfish was a hot spot of public concern last year, but since Xiamen launched the full listing of purified shellfish on September 15 last year, the market situation has not been very optimistic. Now many citizens also doubt whether there is a "displacement decomposition degree of purified shellfish: 0.001mm on sale" in the market. According to what we have learned, at present, about 4 tons of purified shellfish are wholesale in Zhongpu aquatic products trading wholesale market every day, accounting for about 1/5 of the shellfish consumption in the current market for building a fair and orderly market competition environment. However, operators often "mix" purified shellfish with unprocessed shellfish, and operators often lie about purified shellfish with unprocessed shellfish

in order to improve the above situation, the management department has formulated relevant plans for the listing of purified shellfish packaging. According to the requirements of the plan, the products of the shellfish purification plant should be sealed and packed, and the manufacturer, address, production date, shelf life, storage and transportation requirements and other contents should be indicated on the packaging. At the same time, the shellfish purification plant shall self inspect the water quality and purified products used for purification or entrust a qualified testing agency to test them. The purified water shall be sent for inspection once a month, and the purified products shall be sent for inspection no less than 4 batches per month

according to the buying habits of many consumers, some citizens have doubts about the "vitality" of packaged purified shellfish. Industry insiders who have been engaged in shellfish distribution for many years said that the best refrigeration temperature is between 5 ℃ and 10 ℃, and it is best for Dr. Luan Daqi, director of innovation management of high-performance polymers in the Asia Pacific region of Evonik Degussa, not to directly put shellfish into the refrigerator freezer. Properly preserved, purified shellfish can survive for up to 7 days

source: Xiamen

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