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Xiamen old furnace transformer recycling and scrapping center]

Xiamen old furnace transformer recycling and scrapping center]

our company is a formal, professional and honest recycling enterprise that held the 6th and 7th Sino German intelligent manufacturing standard working group meetings. It mainly purchases, sells, and sells idle equipment and waste materials such as second-hand machinery, air conditioners, generators, transformers, second-hand equipment, waste metals, etc. The establishment and operation of the center is not only conducive to improving environmental quality, but also provides convenience for enterprises to deal with waste, and better make their own contributions to improving environmental protection

washing machines, vacuum cleaners, water heaters, gas stoves, range hoods... 6] electronics, computers Electronics.. IC and other electronic products, etc. 7) recycle hotel supplies: air conditioners, household air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerators, dining tables, chairs, stoves; 8) Kitchen equipment: including all kinds of new and old stoves, large and small freezers (two door, three door, vertical, horizontal), food machinery, cash register, electric oven, fryer, fresh milk machine, ice cream machine, stainless steel tableware, etc. Recycling of waste materials has increasingly become a big topic worthy of attention. Air conditioning recycling, hotel equipment recycling, factory equipment recycling, refrigeration equipment recycling, generator recycling, transformer recycling, cable recycling, elevator recycling, computer recycling, boiler recycling, office furniture recycling, scrap metal recycling, scrap iron recycling. If these wastes are simply discarded, on the one hand, they will be a huge waste, on the other hand, they will also cause serious pollution to the environment. Recycling is a feasible way

recycling products: waste materials at construction sites, electricity, waste iron, machinery and equipment, all electrical appliances/such as square strips and red boards Top wood and other construction waste, all kinds of batteries, PUC machine batteries Gas battery, trolley battery And all kinds of batteries, whether good or bad, will be recycled from hotel equipment: beds, sofas, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, wine racks, dining tables and chairs, shelves, display cabinets, screens, partitions, filing cabinets, various chairs, etc. 3、 Household appliances: all kinds of TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, VCDs, computers, stereos, power amplifiers and other high price recycling. In addition, we also purchase and recycle second-hand new and good equipment, office equipment, panel equipment, European equipment, American equipment, antique equipment, collaborative development is unstoppable, classical equipment is recycled, and all kinds of high and low-grade new and good equipment and household appliances are recycled. Recycling is a feasible way. However, how to establish a scientific recycling network, recycle the equipment of the whole plant, quickly concentrate these wastes scattered in thousands of households, and then complete the disposal and utilization under scientific supervision is a huge test

yuanguangxin old equipment Xiamen yuanguangxin old equipment electrical appliances recycling, yuanguangxin second-hand equipment recycling center, all kinds of materials for years, second-hand old equipment recycling! Recycling and high price recycling of complete equipment and household appliances can easily solve the worries of new idle transfer equipment without leaving home... First, office supplies: all kinds of large class desks, middle class desks, computer desks, real leather large class chairs, screens, writing desks, so all kinds of laboratory machine manufacturers speak of class chairs, conference desks, typewriters, fax machines, copiers, etc. With the economic development, the emission of kitchen waste and air conditioning waste is increasing day by day, which is known as one of the modern "urban diseases". Its safe recycling and reasonable disposal are related to environmental protection, food safety and other aspects of residents' lives. In recent years, many places in China have begun to explore the management of food waste with the gradual recovery of the international market. As a representative city in the western region, the catering industry is very developed. Over the past few days, I have visited local households, catering enterprises, chemical treatment enterprises and relevant departments to pay attention to and discuss the current situation and way out of food waste management

Xiamen old electric furnace transformer recycling and scrapping center]

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