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Iceberg Rubber & plastic successfully developed the first heavy packaging film unit in China. On the 12th, representatives of more than 20 large petrochemical enterprises, which can be used to compare different plastics, watched the linkage test run of the first domestic plastic extrusion blow molding heavy packaging film unit independently developed by them from the government level at Dalian iceberg Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. and the unit will be sent to Guangdong Maoming Petrochemical Company. The heavy packaging film market is huge. In the past, only Germany and other countries could manufacture it. However, China has always relied on imports. Iceberg rubber and plastic started research and development two years ago

Luo Shaoning, general manager of Dalian Bingshan Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.: Although we didn't have any users at that time, we recognized that this was the future development direction of our national plastic machinery. This equipment has independent intellectual property rights, and the price is only one third of that of foreign countries. Many petrochemical enterprises expressed their purchase intention

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