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IBM cooperates with VMware to provide a market ready hybrid cloud solution for channels

last year, IBM and VMware established a strategic partnership to promote the expansion of VMware environments into the softlayer shared cloud. However, the partners were disappointed to find that IBM cloud for VMware was a forbidden area for the use and operation method of friction and wear testing machine for the channel

ibm collaborates with VMware to provide market ready hybrid cloud solutions for channels

but this week, IBM announced at the partnerworld leadership conference that it had authorized business partners to resell the integrated hybrid cloud solutions previously reserved only for its own internal service departments

this has indeed opened up a new market for partners, targeting all VMware's installation clusters around the world, and there are many more, said Meg Swanson, vice president of marketing at IBM bluemix, when talking about changes in IBM's channel plans

with VMware's own vcloud air, the public cloud is becoming obsolete, and the relationship with AWS is uncertain. IBM's integration represents the only hybrid cloud voice of VMware

as a cloud distributor in IBM's global value-added dealer network, Avnet is now working with these partners to take advantage of this integrated solution, said Sergio farache, senior vice president of strategy at Avnet

avnet has provided its own tools and white card services to help partners deploy VMware environments on softlayer. The IBM infrastructure as a service platform has recently been packaged under the bluemix brand. But this process is more cumbersome and costly than last year when IBM created its own service department

farache said that opening VMware readiness to the channel will accelerate what we have already done on the softlayer bare metal infrastructure

ibm solutions simplify configuration through IBM marketplace, increase migration, automation and management capabilities, and integrate billing functions, so that partners do not need to obtain licenses separately

farache also said that IBM is the first manufacturer to establish a complete model with such integration and transparency for partners, which is indeed beneficial to partners. Of course, other manufacturers have made announcements, but they do not really help partners

as the industry leader in enabling all experimental processes to reach Hengli value control, AWS announced in October that it had signed a cooperation agreement with VMware to bring VMware's virtualization technology into the public cloud. However, the advantage of IBM cloud for VMware over AWS is that it is really put into the market, rather than a conceptual product without actual pricing and official release date, said Quincy Allen, chief marketing officer of IBM cloud

and IBM's solution is compatible with all vmware tools and interfaces, which is what partners have been calling for. Allen said that at the beginning, they were very disappointed that they could not use this solution

at the same time, IBM realized that thousands of channel partners around the world would rapidly expand the scale of VMware deployment on bluemix

allen says that customers are trying to get into the cloud. This is what they want to do, but they will soon discover the fact that they are not just starting over. The fastest way to go to the cloud is to use what you have. Enterprises around the world already have VMware virtualization, although not many private clouds have been tested

avnet's farache said that partners hope to provide comprehensive hybrid solutions that meet the needs of enterprises, rather than those bundled with specific manufacturers. Many private cloud focused vendors have developed choreography and automation technologies, looking for opportunities to expand to the public cloud

their demand for mixing is becoming stronger and stronger. Now what IBM can provide them is to simplify the process. Allen said that solution providers can now install any software on almost any super large-scale cloud, just as the Jinan experimental machine factory previously implemented by Avnet in VMware on softlayer follows the principle of manufacturer production. However, such a simplified product sold in the market and supported by the formal channel plan encourages partners to establish a real value proposition in the market

finally, Allen believes that for enterprise customers, IBM makes its hybrid solution more attractive with its image of security, redundancy and global data center coverage

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