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On May 20, according to foreign media reports, IBM recently added to its bluemix cloud computing platform Net programming language and runtime library support. IBM's move has opened the door to millions of Windows developers and made windows the largest cloud foundation cloud computing framework deployment. In exchange, IBM will connect WebSphere liberty, MQ messaging system and DB2 database to Microsoft azure cloud computing platform

bluemix business

to understand how the cooperation with Microsoft benefits IBM, people need to realize that, like azure, Amazon Web services (hereinafter referred to as AWS) and Google App Engine, bluemix is essentially a cloud computing operating system

the more programming languages bluemix supports, the more developers will write applications for it. In March, IBM invested US $3billion (about RMB 18.3 billion) to release the IOT version of bluemix, expanding the influence of bluemix to the IOT field

bluemix's competitors include azure, AWS and Google App service. Since each platform must attract as many developers as possible, it is an advantage to support the most wrapping paper and cultural paper with a recovery rate of only 3% higher than that of other programming languages

several large companies have used bluemix in mobile services. Citigroup uses bluemix to expand its mobile banking services, while Gamestop integrates its mobile and in store experiences through bluemix

help for IBM

bluemix plays a key role in IBM's growing cloud computing business. IBM hopes that the cloud computing business can make up for the losses caused by the weakness of the technology, business, software, hardware and financial sectors

the revenue of the above five business departments declined in the last quarter. IBM's revenue has declined for 12 consecutive quarters due to weak customer spending, sluggish software demand and strong US dollar

ibm predicts that by 2018, the annual revenue of the five strategic businesses, cloud computing, data analysis, mobile, social networking and security, will reach US $40billion (about RMB 244.4 billion), accounting for nearly half of its revenue. In the past 14 years, the revenue of these businesses has increased by 16%, accounting for more than 20% of IBM's revenue. Bluemix ties all these high growth businesses together

expand cloud computing business

in order to obtain more mobile enterprise customers, IBM cooperated with apple last year to sell cloud computing enterprise applications pre installed with connection to the bluemix ecological chain. By cooperating with apple and Microsoft, IBM can rapidly expand its business on mobile and PC platforms, which derive many special performance platforms that traditional solid-state platforms do not have

more importantly, cooperating with apple and Microsoft helps IBM not fall behind in the competition with Amazon. Amazon has the fastest growing cloud computing platform in the world. In the last quarter, AWS' revenue increased by 49% to US $1.57 billion (about RMB 9.59 billion), and its annualized revenue was US $6billion (about RMB 36.7 billion)

in contrast, IBM's cloud computing business revenue increased by 60% and its annual revenue reached US $7.7 billion (about RMB 47.1 billion), but the service business's annual revenue was only US $3.8 billion (about RMB 23.2 billion). According to Deutsche Bank, in the last quarter, the annual revenue of Microsoft's cloud computing business was $6.3 billion (about 38.5 billion yuan), but the annual revenue of azure was $500million to $700million (about 3.1 billion to $4.3 billion yuan)

competitive pressure

ibm cloud computing faces great growth opportunities, but it may face great competitive pressure. From October 2013 to December 2014, Google, Microsoft and Amazon reduced the price per GB of memory by 6%, 5% and 8% respectively to maintain competitiveness. IBM has not lowered the price of cloud computing services. However, as the competition intensifies, this situation may change in the next few years

in addition to reducing prices, these companies are also catching up with each other in introducing new features, such as cold storage and predictive analysis, to remain competitive. However, the addition of more services, the storage of empty media such as the experimental water and oil recovery room and the treatment capacity may depress the profit margin

through cooperation with apple and Microsoft, IBM has greatly enhanced the bluemix business and used it to help enterprises integrate data and enter the IOT market

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