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IBM joined hands with Taiwan Yuanchuan Telecom cloud alliance to promote the industrial cloud

enterprises to integrate this unit with ideal working characteristics, integrate cloud resources, and transform new business models. In order to provide such customer services, Yuanchuan Telecom and Taiwan IBM announced to expand the cloud strategic alliance plan to provide integrated enterprise cloud services through IBM's professional services and bluemix cloud platform, combined with Yuanchuan SAP Hana enterprise application services Value added services such as cross-border business

ibm and Yuanchuan announced the cloud Alliance Plan. Both sides plan to help enterprises accelerate the future elastic expansion through cloud. Xuzhongyan, deputy general manager of IBM cloud computing business unit, said that IBM has 50 data centers worldwide, and Yuanchuan has 9 data centers in Taiwan. In the future, if Yuanchuan's customers want to make transnational deployment, IBM can provide services, Yuanchuan provides SAP Hana cloud applications, and the two sides work together to build Taiwan's industrial cloud services

xuzhongyan said that Yuanchuan was the first Taiwanese telecom operator to adopt the IBM API platform. He believed that IAAs services were equivalent to hydropower. However, in addition to hydropower, enterprises need to integrate industrial management knowledge. IBM expects to achieve industrial specialization with bluemix cloud services

lihaozheng, executive vice president of Yuanchuan enterprise and international business group, said that he hopes to cooperate with IBM to lay out enterprise cloud services, and jointly create more comprehensive value-added services through IBM technology and rich industrial experience, so as to help enterprises apply the computing flexibility and professional management of Yuanchuan cloud data center faster to strengthen business competitiveness, and hopes that Yuanchuan and IBM can achieve a multiplier effect

lihaozheng, executive vice president of Yuanchuan enterprise and international business group, says that more and more enterprises hope to build their infrastructure on the cloud, which can be expanded rapidly. However, how to convert their e-investment in the past 20~30 years to the cloud is the biggest challenge. This time, in cooperation with IBM, the equipment for providing customer transfer, maintenance and backup for large trips is not all used for the detection of flexible packaging materials. The transfer project is also expected to extend to software cooperation in the future

xuzhongyan said that the three achievements of IBM in 2016 were the completion of organizational adjustment, the implementation of solutions and the construction of an ecosystem. This year's strategy is comprehensive cloud based. IBM is the only service provider that provides complete solutions. Cloud based is a process that requires a blue sky and adopts the steps of the technical diagram of the coordinated use of edge hot oil spray system (HES) and multi section rolling oil spray to provide customers with digital transformation, From the front-end API to provide customers with digital solutions, to the mid-range integration and back-end prediction model, it provides customers with various testing services

xuzhongyan said that artificial intelligence has a great influence. Watson is IBM's brain engine. For example, voice input alone can completely subvert the business format of IBM. Artificial intelligence has a high influence. This year, IBM will make more use of social media on a solid foundation or workbench to reach customers it has not contacted in the past

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