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IBM introduces a new mainframe z13s for hybrid cloud

ibm announced the launch of a new mainframe z13s. Z13s is designed for hybrid cloud environment, which enhances the security of key information and business processing. It is an entry-level product in IBM mainframe. It is suitable for medium-sized enterprises, enabling medium-sized enterprises to ensure data encryption security while ensuring system performance. In addition, IBM also announced several highly integrated innovative features of z13s and its new cooperation in the security field

hardware built-in security: the proportion of new exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. Z13s hardware has built-in leading encryption features, delivering twice the data encryption and decryption speed of previous products, and realizing information protection without affecting performance

intelligent security capability: through the integration of mainframe and ibmsecurity software solutions, IBM provides more secure support for several organizations with a year-round production of experimental machine engineers in the hybrid cloud infrastructure. In addition, IBM also provides a new cybersecurityanalytics service for zsystems customers, Professor Martin Dunn, another director of the project (now dean of the school of engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver), said: "In general, malicious behavior can be identified by learning long-term user behavior.

the ecosystem continues to grow: through the readyforibsecurityintelligence partner program, IBM cooperates with leaders in network security to provide enterprise level solutions and products for customers' specific needs. The latest partners of zsystems include blackridgetechnology and forcepoint (a joint venture of Raytheon and vistaequitypartners) And rsmpartners

the new z13s is planned to be launched in March this year

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