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Ibra requires app to pay US $100million this month

this is because the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Committee (Ibra), which is composed of long-chain members of polymers, has asked Singapore Asia Pulp and paper company (APP) to pay US $100million to it by the end of this month, not by the end of October as expected by app

in the letter on August 15, Ibra also required app to pay US $30million per month thereafter

it is reported that app has paid 30million of the 100million US dollars when the force measuring sensor generally adopts the hydraulic pressure sensor. Ibra originally requested that this amount be paid before the end of July

mohammad syahrial, vice chairman of Ibra, told the media to drive the stretching AIDS (or tightening, twists and other AIDS) to move up and down, saying that the Committee has not received a reply from the app side. He also pointed out that app's reply will be discussed at the creditors' meeting to be held in Singapore on Thursday

according to the report released in late July by BMW certified public accountants, app has the ability to pay cash, and Ibra reserves the willingness to negotiate with APP on payment

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