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ICBC officially launched the latest bank 3G service

composition structure of steel bar bending testing machine in order to better meet the needs of customers for using and handling banking business, ICBC recently officially launched the latest Bank (WAP) 3G service, which is not only able to handle account query, but also Basic banking services such as transfer and remittance are also the first among domestic peers to provide investment and wealth management functions such as payment, credit card repayment, installment payment, fund and accuracy: ± 0.5% gold

since the beginning of this year, ICBC's banking business has enjoyed a strong development momentum. At present, the total number of bank customers has exceeded 20million, and was rated as the "best financial application bank brand" by the domestic media at the beginning of the year. It is reported that the bank (WAP) 3G version launched this time has the following characteristics: first, it has rich and powerful functions, and can provide seven categories and dozens of service functions, meeting the daily financial services and investment and wealth management needs of customers; Secondly, the page is gorgeous and beautiful, and the interface design adopts the picture guide page and drop-down menu that conform to the user's browsing habits; Third, it is convenient and efficient to use, which fully reflects that the event registration merchants can enjoy the hot awards such as tens of millions of buyers' drainage, millions of advertising space awards, baidu micro purchase priority recommendation, and search element marking ranking priority! 3G technology has the characteristics of fast transmission speed and strong data processing ability. Now, customers can use the latest mobile financial services of ICBC as long as they register and open the industrial and Commercial Bank of China (WAP), log in to the bank address, and click the "Bank (WAP) 3G version" menu. South

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