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IBM launched blockchain cloud services for government departments and the medical industry

last Friday, IBM announced that it would run blockchain networks and new services on the ibmcloud, which aims to meet the security and regulatory requirements of enterprise customers

the blockchain, which is famous for bitcoin, is a distributed and encrypted database architecture. This technology is considered to be tamperable. Simply put, the blockchain records all transactions on the bitcoin network, stores them in blocks, and updates balances and data in payment, confirmation, and order

two months ago, IBM planned to use blockchain for enterprise classification ----- professor wuhaihong of Henan University of technology, especially to create blockchain as a service along with axial deformation. But now, IBM has increased its stakes in this technology

ibm indicates that it has established a team including security experts, cryptologists, hardware experts and other researchers to create cloud services for blockchain networks that can support government agencies, financial and medical institutions. IBM said that this cloud service complies with the highest federal information processing standards (FIPS) and evaluation assurance levels (EAL)

customers' concern about safety is the application of blockchain technology. 7. When the piston exceeds the travel (about 20mm) barrier. Jerry Cuomo, vice president of IBM blockchain, said that although there is a sense of urgency for enterprises to develop blockchain, most organizations need to help define an ideal cloud environment so that they can safely use blockchain networks in the cloud

ibm indicates that IBM cloud now allows the production blockchain network to deploy and run the signed, authenticated and tested docker image, using dashboards and analytics. For those organizations that need more cloud or device flexibility, IBM is submitting their authentication code to the hyper ledger project on the docker hub

in addition, IBM has added the function of IBM blockchain to bluemix. It is hoped that developers testing beta applications will be able to access the Linux hyper ledger code, which is continuously updated in real time

ibm's efforts around blockchain are strategic. With a huge number of transactions on its mainframe, IBM can use blockchain on its developers and cloud services to obtain more sales. This is also the way IBM manages business contracts and automation protocols

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