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HaoChen ICAD building software ijz2007i: intelligent and efficient "tool set"

HaoChen ICAD building software ijz2007i: intelligent and efficient "tool set"

the acme of aided design software is the perfect combination of platform software and application software, which is platform oriented and application first. In the final analysis, CAD software provides users with solutions rather than simple tools themselves. HaoChen software is committed to providing users with comprehensive solutions and building powerful platform software and cutting-edge application software. The leading CAD platform software in China and the nine series software of the two platforms jointly shape the image of HaoChen as the largest CAD technology provider in China

in 2007, HaoChen icad2007i was grandly launched. Its powerful functions and performance were widely recognized by users. Current SLA, MJP and CJP customers can avoid obtaining their licenses for free and pass the comprehensive certification of an authoritative third-party evaluation organization. Its comprehensive level is leading in China, and some exceed the mainstream CAD software abroad! In response, the whole series of application software of HaoChen has been upgraded, and new versions of nine application software on two platforms have been launched to meet users. Compared with the previous generation of software, both functions and performance have been greatly improved. After the trial of senior technicians in the industry, they have reached the leading level in the industry! The author is very pleased with the great achievements made by HaoChen in technical research and development and in improving the domestic CAD technology level in a down-to-earth manner, and takes this opportunity to comprehensively introduce HaoChen's newly upgraded application software with a series of articles on "2007cad technology breakthrough in application software industry"

this issue introduces HaoChen's newly upgraded HaoChen ICAD building soft testing machine, which usually loads the running part ijz2007i within the speed range of 0.1mm/s (5) 00mm/s

based on years of professional CAD software development experience, HaoChen software adheres to the current mainstream "tool set" concept and method in architectural design, and absorbs the rich experience of users of popular architectural CAD software, "Before the grenfeld tragedy, we decided to change the name of the association to provide users with a series of intelligent and efficient professional auxiliary tools for architectural drawing. At the same time, taking full account of users' habits of using AutoCAD for many years, we launched the HaoChen ICAD architectural software ijz2007i, which is free from AutoCAD support but maintains AutoCAD operation habits. It conforms to the latest national architectural drawing specifications, is easy to learn and flexible, and is widely used at present The applied building software has good compatibility. It can replace the expensive foreign CAD platform and secondary development software, and complete the whole process of architectural design from architectural scheme to construction drawing

the following is a brief introduction to the main features of HaoChen ICAD architecture software ijz2007i

I. good graphic compatibility

two-way compatibility with AutoCAD graphic files, consistent interface style and operation habits, and barrier free design communication

II. The plan is the core of the design

◆ taking the plan as the core database, the elevation, section and three-dimensional models can be directly generated from the plan

◆ multiple axes of straight line and arc are generated according to the depth and bay data. It supports the arbitrary combination of multiple axis numbers. Through the commands of pruning, moving, deleting, copying, etc., your design is more personalized

◆ when inserting doors and windows with [sequence insert], [center insert] and [stack width insert] commands, you can select the existing doors and windows on the drawing, and the new [name reset] command can move the position of the door and window name back to the original position

◆ it can greatly improve the work efficiency by calling the huge drawing library of doors, windows and columns for block replacement

III. elevation and section drawings are extensions of design

◆ elevation and section drawings can be automatically generated from plan drawings with simple command operation

◆ at the same time, it provides auxiliary tools for directly drawing elevations and sections, and can also be directly generated without relying on the plan

4. Multi scale layout in paper space

◆ based on the concept of paper space, multi window layout directly converts different scales on the drawing, and solves the multi viewport and multi scale layout in a drawing file

◆ change [window zoom in] to switch to model space; [multilateral clipping] add the option of saving this drawing; [plot scale] automatically set different scales for each viewport in the multi view layout mode

◆ multi scale layout is necessary for decoration design details

electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine: v. intelligent marking system

◆ strong Chinese marking function and practical dimension tools

◆ special annotation commands such as [door and window annotation], [wall annotation] and [point by point annotation] are provided

◆ provide complete marking tools such as radius, coordinate point, elevation marking and symbol marking

VI. practical architectural professional library system

◆ provide a library management system indexed by block classification to facilitate users to retrieve a large number of blocks

◆ the production of user-defined graphics and the provision of warehousing functions can enable users to share design resources

◆ multi map warehousing is used to store all the blocks in a directory, greatly improving efficiency

the upgrading of HaoChen ICAD building software has greatly improved the original software by referring to the advantages of the current domestic building software from the user's point of view and according to the user's usage habits: it has greatly improved both in operation mode, interface and function, and is more in line with the needs of users. (end)

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