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ICT ecological trip: network energy held an intelligent "feast" in Hongcheng.

Huawei China ICT ecological trip 2017 Nanchang Station with the theme of "coming together" was successfully held in Nanchang Shangri La Hotel. More than 1100 customers, partners and experts gathered together to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation. At the same time, Huawei network energy had an in-depth discussion with the participants on the energy development in the era of digital transformation. Huawei believes that the energy industry will move towards a new era of intelligence, digitalization and networking

new products of network energy were released at the event site. Huawei released new products of network energy, including DCIM, fusionmodule5000 and intelligent integrated UPS solutions. According to Du Kun, an expert of Huawei network energy product line, Huawei DCIM management system architecture supports smooth upgrade, million test points and cloud deployment, and can be coupled with L2 layer. Fusionmodule800, a micro data center solution, is an integrated pre integration, with a simplified architecture and flexible deployment. It is suitable for small and medium-sized data centers. In addition, the integrated UPS benefits from the integrated design, saving 50% of the floor space; The efficiency of 25KVA modular UPS is up to 96.5%, leading the industry; Hot plug design can realize 5-minute operation and maintenance. Huawei has always been adhering to the concept of providing customers with simple, efficient and reliable data center solutions. The modular data center adopts the original technologies of ipower, icooling and imanager to realize the digitalization, networking and intelligence of the data center. The intelligent modular data center advocated by Huawei further leads the intelligent data center, integrating flexible deployment, intelligent management and efficient operation and maintenance into the data center. Each modular product of Huawei has a brain that can carry out self fault detection and management, and realize the linkage between the data center infrastructure and ICT equipment. In addition, Huawei networks different modular products and realizes unified intelligent management through the cloud platform

Du Kun, an expert of Huawei network energy product line

network energy exhibition: the general modular mobile exhibition hall comprehensively presents the joint innovation achievements of Huawei and ecological partners based on the ICT infrastructure coordinated by the cloud management end and in combination with the actual business needs of customers in various regions. Network energy presented Huawei data center solutions to the guests by means of physical objects, models, videos and interactive experiences, We can truly feel the interactive operation experience from the real object, and deeply understand the characteristics and value of the solution in fun

ecological partner of network energy: established in 1993, Jiangxi Keyi has focused on data center solutions for 20 years and is committed to becoming the industry's leading provider of data center solutions. In particular, the research on core process technology is not deep enough. It has forged many excellent data center projects in power, public security, government and other industries, and formally cooperated with Huawei in 2016. It is also the only partner in the province that has passed the Huawei CSP five diamond certification. The ICT ecological tour will cover the whole country. Huawei China ICT ecological tour will cover more than 60 provincial capitals and key cities in China with three booth routes in 2017, of which Nanning in Guangxi, Harbin in Heilongjiang and Hangzhou in Zhejiang will be the first stops of the three booth routes respectively, and this series of ecological tour activities will be launched from March 22 to 24. At the same time, the three exhibition vehicles will also start from Henan an 18, constant stress, constant strain and constant displacement control precision: the set value ≥ 10%fs, Shiyang, Ji'an, Jiangxi and Shunyi, Beijing to more than 240 cities in China along the north line, Southeast line and southwest line

route map of Huawei China ICT eco tour 2017 3 vehicles. At present, the footprint of ICT eco tour series activities has spread across more than 30 provinces and cities across the country. In the next few months, Huawei will also walk in China in the name of ecology. Through this series of activities, Huawei hopes to spread the latest ecological construction concepts and policy changes across China, build an exchange platform for customers and partners to collide with the spark of digital transformation wisdom, and jointly explore new business values; At the same time, by bringing the leading and open ICT infrastructure platform to various regions, we will promote joint innovation. 1. Refrigeration system and compressor of low-temperature impact testing machine: in order to ensure the cooling rate and minimum temperature requirements of the test box, we will finally share the results of digital transformation with customers and partners

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as the world's leading provider of information and communication (ICT) solutions, Huawei adheres to the vision of enriching people's communication and life, adheres to continuous innovation around customer needs, and open cooperation with partners. It has built an end-to-end solution advantage in the fields of telecom network, enterprise network, terminal, audio and video. Through 170000 dedicated Huawei people around the world, we are committed to creating maximum value for operator customers, enterprise customers and consumers, and providing competitive ICT solutions, products and services. At present, Huawei's business covers more than 170 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1/3 of the world's population. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private enterprise in which employees hold all the shares

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