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Buying a house and decorating it is a big deal, laborious and laborious, but the troublesome problems are still continuous, but as long as we know in advance, the problems of main materials and construction can be prevented and solved

in fact, we just want a simple and good residence, seemingly simple requirements, and we want to deal with a lot of annoying chores. We are so busy working every day. If the decoration is not easy, and we are laymen, we are really busy. Let's take a look with Xiaobian

generally, there are three major problems that make people work hard:

first, the quality of decoration. Most owners are laymen in decoration. They usually learn when there is no way to do so. Quality problems can't be found in time and are easy to be fooled. Therefore, it's best to find a large decoration company (Xi'an life home decoration). Although the price will be a little expensive, the quality is guaranteed

second: the reason why the actual decoration cost exceeds the budgeted cost is mainly that there are too many additional items and construction losses in the decoration process. There are still many ways in the decoration market. When decorating, you must find a large decoration company. You can't be greedy for small bargains. The so-called "every penny is worth every penny", and the large decoration company (Xi'an living home decoration) won't attract you to decorate at a low price in the early stage like a small company, and additional items begin to appear in the later stage, Let your decoration far exceed your budget

third: there is no overall planning, only know to decorate, but do not know where to start, how to implement, and what kind of decoration materials to buy

at this time, you should find a good designer to plan for you. If there is no decoration concept, the above-mentioned over budget and quality problems are easy to occur. So how to solve these problems? First of all, for the quality problem (which is also the most concerned problem of the owner), the most important thing in the decoration process is the construction stage, but there are many rules in the construction stage, and the most serious is to use inferior materials during construction

there are 3 pages in total. The first page is 123. The next page is not well done, such as water and electricity are not done well, ponding occurs later, and the wall is damp. It is suggested that you choose a formal home decoration company, and someone should be responsible for supervision before, during and after construction. It's also convenient to deal with problems. Secondly, the balance between decoration costs and budget costs. In fact, the main reason is that customers don't understand decoration. They don't know much about the choice of materials and the choice of the company. It is suggested that you have some understanding of all aspects before decoration, and you can also use the method of shopping around (you must find a home decoration company of the same level) to know more about home decoration companies. As a layman, you need to learn

finally, there is no overall planning for. Everything should be roughly planned, so that at least you can know well, and you will not blindly ensure the speed and quality of the whole decoration

the above is the introduction of Xiaobian. I hope it can help you

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says Feng Shui. Many people will want the beam to press the top, which is a big taboo in Feng Shui. In the furniture pattern, if the furniture is oppressed by the beam, it is easy to lose money and get into trouble, which will also lead to bad luck at home. Therefore, before decoration, it is also very necessary to understand household Feng Shui. So what will be the impact of beam capping in different areas

1. Living room

for the feng shui of the living room, the beam capping has a great impact on the layout of the sofa. As a treasury in the home, if the sofa is capped by the beam, it is equivalent to the Treasury being affected, so people's fortunes will certainly be suppressed, which will lead to poor family fortunes in the long run

2. Kitchen

the most serious thing about the top of the kitchen beam is the feng shui of the stove, which will affect the financial fortune of the family and the health of the family. Being suppressed for a long time, not only the fortune is suppressed, but also the financial fortune of the family will be difficult to enter the door

3. Table

it is also bad for Feng Shui that the table at home is pressed by the beam. Generally, if it is encountered, try to avoid it, move aside or place the ceiling on the top of the beam to dissolve the Feng Shui Effect and avoid the compression of the beam

4. Bed

if the bed is pressed by the beam, it will also affect the feelings of the husband and wife, which will make the husband and wife prone to gossip, suspicion and other things. The solution is to place a ceiling outside the beam for decoration, which can also avoid shock

do you remember the above points? Before decoration, you must make a good plan to avoid affecting your home life in the future

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