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Some people believe that Feng Shui is deceiving, while others believe that it can help people change all kinds of transportation routes. In fact, it is also a discipline based on on-the-spot observation of geography and geography. Geomantic omen is a traditional culture passed down from China for thousands of years. People have to find a auspicious day to watch geomantic omen for good luck. So what is the stress of Feng Shui when starting the decoration of new houses? Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look

Feng Shui taboo for the start of new house decoration

1. It is necessary to choose a auspicious day to start work

Chinese people like to get a good fortune, and of course, they can't ignore it in the event of decoration. In order to comply with the good omen of good luck, it is necessary to make a textual research on the decoration start date in advance, and then decide on a auspicious day. Many families will choose an even number of dates, such as the day with 6 and 8. On the day of construction, a simple commencement ceremony will be held, mainly including offering incense to the foundation owner, setting off firecrackers, burning incense paper, etc. the specific details vary from place to place

2. Women outside the owner are not allowed to enter on the day of commencement.

women outside the owner on the day of commencement are not allowed to enter. If the owner happens to be on holiday, it is also inappropriate to be present

3. Investigate in advance

pay attention to yourself and also investigate the situation of the construction team. For example, if there is a funeral at home or if his wife is pregnant, relevant personnel need to avoid that day

Feng Shui ceremony for the commencement of the decoration of the new house

1. Offer incense to the foundation master

set the altar at the back of the house in advance, face indoors, and place incense for worship

2. Offerings and process of worshiping the foundation owner

four apples and four oranges need to be placed in the middle of the entry, and rice, salt, beans, tea and water can be sprinkled around the room, which can be replaced by mineral water. Next, prepare three cups of wine, a pair of red candles and three sticks of incense. Light the incense to the front door, worship three times in the west, then worship three times in the north, East and south, and then smoke it with cigarettes around the room. Don't let go of any corner. At the same time, you can report your wishes, and then insert the incense or candle. When the incense burns more than half, burn paper money or longevity gold and other offerings in the middle of the room. The basic ceremony is completed. Finally, knock around the wall and shout “ Good start ” Wait for auspicious words, and post the great auspicious start. The direction of cleaning is swept from the hall or corner, which symbolizes to sweep away the filth and never look back

summary: the above is what Xiaobian brought to you today. I believe friends have a certain understanding of the Feng Shui taboos about the decoration and commencement. I hope this article can help you




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