Balcony decoration cannot ignore 5 major problems

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Many owners will ignore the decoration of the balcony. In fact, if you decorate the balcony vividly, it will also bring a lot of fun to your life. Next, Wuhan home decoration network editor will share with you the experience of balcony decoration

balconies can be divided into inner balconies and outer balconies: the inner balcony adopts plastic steel windows or aluminum alloy windows to isolate from the outside; Most of the outer balconies are open to the outside world and are not closed. Whether it is the inner balcony or the outer balcony, the following problems cannot be ignored in the decoration design: 1 Load bearing: at present, the balcony structure of many buildings is not very good. If the stacked items exceed the bearing capacity, the safety will be reduced and there may be danger

2. Reconstruction: in order to expand the use area and pursue good decorative effects, many families often connect the balcony with the inner room. "In fact, it is very dangerous to do so, because there is a wall between the bedroom and the balcony. This low wall is called" counterweight wall ", which plays a role in supporting the balcony. If this wall is removed, it will affect the safety of the balcony, and in serious cases, it may also cause the balcony to collapse." therefore, in the process of decoration, the doors and windows between the bedroom and the balcony can be removed, but the "counterweight wall" must not be moved

3. Drainage: the next day of the window is the easiest to seep. Usually, a gap of two centimeters is reserved at the lower edge of the window, and then it is filled with cement (preferably sealed with special foaming agent). If the balcony is used for indoor landscaping, we should pay more attention to drainage. If the drainage is not handled well, it is easy to cause ponding, water leakage and other problems

4. Balcony windows: windows with good sealing and reliable quality must be selected, and attention must be paid to the installation quality

5. Windowsill plate: it is best to choose stone for windowsill plate, because compared with wooden windowsill, stone has the characteristics of waterproof, sunscreen, non cracking and long service life

the balcony decoration experience above is very good, isn't it





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