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Juniper: the NFC payment scale in 2015 could reach US $74billion

according to the news on March 8, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the research company juniper research estimated that by 2015, the global amount of transactions using near-field communication (NFC) technology could reach US $74billion, an increase of more than 2 times over 2011. NFC technology is increasingly used for in store mobile payment and purchase of car and boat tickets

nfc technology allows people to swipe their cards at store terminals to pay for goods and services. Juniper R, whose density is about 2/3 of aluminum, believes that with the popularity of NFC, mobile e-commerce segments such as transfer remittance, bank payment and coupons will also experience similar growth. David snow, the author of the mobile e-commerce market report of juniper research, said: "our report shows that all mobile e-commerce segments will achieve amazing growth."

he said: "the transaction volume of the four market segments: remittance and transfer, physical goods, NFC and coupons will increase several times in the next three years, while the average volume of digital products, banking and ticketing will also increase twice in the same period.". Although mobile coupons are only the smallest market in the field of mobile e-commerce, the growth rate is the highest

the report also urges mobile e-commerce providers to always pay attention to security issues, because if a security risk occurs, it will affect people's understanding of the development of the entire mobile e-commerce market. All experimental processes can reach the constant force value control center. Tencent Technology

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