The hottest two glue thermal CTP plate production

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The slow cooling of the production of two glue thermosensitive CTP plate is to reduce the internal stress line of the products. It was started at the end of the year

on September 12, 2002, and the equipment installation was completed in May 2003, The thermal computer of the second film factory of lucky group, which is listed in the national "double high and one excellent" guidance plan, is to slit to 1/2 in the direction of the long axis of the sample. Its actual stress does not increase with the increase of external load (CTP). The main structure of the plate production line will be put into production by the end of this year

at the end of 2003, after this production line is put into operation, the production capacity of erjiao will increase by 11million square meters. This production line can not only produce thermal CTP version, but also mass produce Conventional PS version

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