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Evonik Degussa integrated isophorone project environmental assessment publicity

issued by: China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd.

release date: May 3, 2011

1. Project investment background

Evonik is a modern industrial group from Germany, with business all over the world. Specialty chemicals is its core business and is in a leading position in the world. Its products are widely used in many industries, from automobiles to pharmaceuticals. Evonik works closely with customers to develop customized innovative products and solutions, so as to shape people's beautiful daily life. In addition, Evonik is also an expert in the field of coal and renewable energy power generation, and also the largest private residential real estate company in Germany. It combines business growth with major growth drivers and global trends, namely energy efficiency, health and nutrition, and global technological development. In 2010, more than 39000 employees of Evonik group generated 13.3 billion euros in sales

Evonik has established its first representative office in Shanghai as early as the 1930s and started business activities in China. At present, it has a total of 18 enterprises and 15 production bases in Greater China. In 2010, Evonik Greater China had about 4000 employees and sales of more than 1.23 billion euros

Evonik regards China as one of the most important growth regions in the world, and its goal is to achieve sales of 2billion euros in Greater China by 2015. In order to achieve this goal, the company launched the strategic development plan "the growth path of Greater China" in the autumn of 2008 to comprehensively promote the development of business in this region. As an important part of this strategy, Evonik has launched cross business sector projects for many major markets, such as automotive, construction, electronics and lighting. In order to ensure the continuous and stable growth of the company in the region and strive to build a production and R & D base for the whole industrial chain of graphite high-end products in areas rich in graphite resources, Evonik is also carrying out a number of strategic investment projects. In addition to investing in production facilities, it also enhances its R & D strength in Greater China by expanding local innovation activities. Evonik Degussa (China) Investment Co., Ltd., as Evonik's parent company in China, will provide a high-quality and good service platform for the investment of different business departments in China

due to the good geographical location, available infrastructure and professional management level of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Evonik Degussa (China) Investment Co., Ltd. established Evonik Degussa special chemistry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in plot D3 of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in September 2004, with a total planned area of 600000 square meters. Evonik Degussa aims to establish a multi-user base in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Production units in different business departments share infrastructure and utility services, which greatly improves the economy of production units

Evonik Degussa's multi-user base in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will be developed in multiple phases. The first four phases are polyester and multi-user base phase I, color paste and multi-user base phase II, polyamide and blend and methacrylate integration projects, which have been completed and put into production

due to the huge potential market and the increasing demand for special chemicals, as the most comprehensive result of chemical output, the work area is further developed. Evonik Degussa (China) Investment Co., Ltd. will continue to invest in the fifth phase of the project (polyamide and blend expansion project) in the multi-user base of Shanghai chemical industry zone Phase VI project (special care organic chemicals project) and phase VII project (integrated isophorone project)

2. Evonik Degussa integrated isophorone project

integrated isophorone project will be jointly composed of raw materials and downstream product devices. It is proposed to be built on the multi-user base of Evonik Degussa special chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., plot D3 of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, The integrated isophorone project covers the range of units from raw materials, intermediates to final products. The production unit is composed of four sets of production units, including the range of units from raw materials, intermediates to final products. Products include isophorone series of special chemicals and their raw materials. Such a device structure and product chain ensure the reuse of resources, thereby saving energy

according to the project plan, the project is planned to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2013

the name and legal address of the construction unit are: 8.2 the edge of the connecting surface of parts and components of the experimental machine should be marked with 1 uniform

the construction unit: Evonik Degussa special chemistry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

legal address: No. 68, Lianhe Road, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, postal code 201507

contact person and contact information:

No. 68, Chundong Road, Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, postal code 201108

contact person: Li Yun Hou Yan



3. Relevant information of the environmental impact assessment agency undertaking the assessment work

assessment unit: China Tianchen Chemical Engineering Company

legal address: No. 521, Jingjin Road, Tianjin, China, 300400

Contact: Liu Sijing

Contact:, fax:, hghbeia@

according to the Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment (HF [2006] No. 28 document), Now it is announced for the first time. If you have any comments and suggestions on the construction of this project, you can contact us in the above way

4. Working procedures and main work contents of environmental impact assessment

main contents of environmental impact report:

project overview

environmental conditions around the construction project

production process description and pollution factors Analysis of main pollution sources and pollutants

description of cleaner production

analysis and prediction of environmental impact of construction projects

analysis of environmental protection measures of construction projects

environmental risk assessment

Economic Analysis of environmental impact of construction projects

public participation

environmental protection management system and monitoring plan

evaluation conclusion

5 Main matters and ways of soliciting public opinions:

the public will be residents, relevant government officials, experts and other relevant personnel living within 5 kilometers around the construction project. Main matters:

understanding channel and degree of project related information

site selection of the project

economic role and necessity of project construction

environmental quality of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

main structural characteristics of the machine after the completion of the project: main environmental impact

public suggestions

6. Main methods:

the public can email,, Express opinions and suggestions on the environmental impact assessment of the project by fax. The second information publicity and questionnaire will be issued before the EIA report of this project is submitted for approval

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