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"Two hands" to grasp the new atmosphere: Zhuji will unswervingly adhere to the "strong industrial city"

Abstract: this year, with nearly 10000 mu of pearls retired and nearly half of the breeding area reduced, the pearl industry has also won more and more say in the national and global Pearl standards and design fields

the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation and development of emerging industries are two effective measures for Zhuji to unswervingly adhere to the "strong industrial city"

industry has always been the strength of Zhuji. Therefore, even when there were signs of "disenchantment from reality to emptiness" in various places a few years ago, Zhuji still clearly put forward the unswerving "governance of the city" in the "two sessions" and the city's economic work conference, and used various policies, means and measures to comprehensively ensure the upgrading and development of the six major industries of socks, pearls, copper processing materials and products, textiles and clothing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high-end equipment

Datang sock industry is a "gold lettered signboard" of Zhuji's economy. At its peak, it had more than 6000 large and small enterprises and hundreds of thousands of employees. Therefore, any disturbance will have a huge impact on the economy and society

however, as a labor-intensive industry, Datang sock industry has inevitably been greatly impacted by the market in recent years. In the face of the almost predictable shock wave, Zhuji City took precautions and made countermeasures as soon as possible. First, it carried out comprehensive market rectification and shut down and restructured the "three in one" small enterprises with low, small, scattered and workshop style. Second, it took the opportunity of creating a "sock art town" to comprehensively enhance the transformation and upgrading of Datang sock industry

although it was only two years since the establishment of "sock art town", the changes brought to the sock industry in Datang are almost "revolutionary"

first of all, various innovative products have come out one after another, changing the "low-end" impression of Datang socks; Secondly, the rise of high-end hosiery machine industry complements the weakness of Datang hosiery industry that "only produce socks, not hosiery machines". More importantly, it has made up for the most important weakness of "design", created a Xintiandi of "global vision and global design" for Datang sock industry, and ensured the voice of Datang sock industry in the field of national and global sock standards and design

the development of high-end sock machine manufacturing industry is an important link in the transformation and upgrading of Datang sock industry cluster. At present, the leading enterprises of Datang hosiery equipment, such as Hairun Seiko, Yexiao machinery and Weihuan machinery, have successfully developed three categories of products, namely, fully automatic intelligent weaving, sewing and turning machine, functional computer hosiery machine and ordinary hosiery machine with the best cost performance in the market, providing a very important production equipment guarantee for the overall transformation and upgrading of Datang Hosiery Industry Cluster

Hairun Seiko, in fact, is a new enterprise that emerged after the reorganization of Gu Bosheng, director of Datang sock industry research institute and Zhuji Risheng Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. in the second half of 2015. It has successfully developed and produced intelligent sock machines and tools for weaving, inspecting, sewing and turning, which are world-class. Only one automatic sewing device has won five national invention patents, and its automatic sewing sock heads are even more exquisite than manual sewing heads, It can be called a miracle of the socks industry in the world. So far, only this automatic intelligent hosiery loom has applied for 27 national invention patents, becoming a dazzling new star in the international hosiery manufacturing industry

as another "gold lettered signboard" of Zhuji, Shanxiahu pearl is no less impressive

on the one hand, the regulation of freshwater pearl breeding waters in the city was carried out, and the "Prohibition (clearance) Order" was issued, which forced the whole industry to continue to upgrade. On the other hand, with the creation of "Pearl town" as the core, we will continue to cultivate and expand pearl enterprises

this year, with nearly 10000 mu of pearls retired and nearly half of the breeding area reduced, the pearl industry has also won more and more say in the national and global pearl standards and design fields

the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, on the one hand, needs the policy promotion of the government, on the other hand, it also needs the initiative of enterprises. Only when both sides implement the word "doing", can a huge joint force be formed

in recent years, Zhuji City has continuously carried out "three campaigns" such as the battle to strengthen the city through industry, the assault battle of industrial upgrading and the battle to tackle the difficulties of supply side structural reform, comprehensively implemented pilot actions such as revitalizing the real economy, "made in China 2 its price often fluctuates 025" and "the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization", constantly controlled the industrial operation situation, and made every effort to ensure industrial added value, technological transformation investment, added value of equipment manufacturing industry, invisible champions Completion of important indicators such as small upgrading

as the main body, enterprises also show their strengths and capabilities in their respective fields

"craft" is a household water pump brand and the main product of Zhejiang gemei Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2010. However, since 2012, "craft" has established long-term supply cooperation with more than 1300 supermarkets in the United States. In July this year, Franklin Company, which ranks first in the purchase and sales of water pumps in the world, and SM company, a domestic equipment underwriter in the United States, signed a contract with "craft" to supply 30000 domestic water pumps and their supporting products annually

what is the reason? "Its energy conservation, environmental protection, refinement and reliability all surpass those made by domestic companies in the United States." Chairman Spey rabbit said with confidence, "this year's sales revenue is expected to increase by more than 40% year-on-year."

Zhuji Erma Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is also relying on its strong scientific and technological innovation strength to develop and design high-tech air purifier products, which have not only become the designated products of the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, but also become the designated products of the 2016 national two sessions and the G20 summit in Hangzhou

technological innovation like this has become a common practice in Zhuji today, and individual (invisible) champions emerge in endlessly

not to mention the "big brothers" of Zhuji industry such as Hailiang, Dunan, Wan'an, Hengjiu and Luxiao, even many "unknown" small and medium-sized enterprises continue to create "science and technology stories"

for example, "Xinfu entertainment" has made the ropeway a world leader; " Advance pump "only a stainless steel special submersible pump independently developed and produced has obtained 8 national patents; the" PavA new energy ", which has been established for only three years, has become the industry leader in the new energy ternary precursor material; it simplifies the use of the floor, and the breakthrough of the latest reproduction technology of" Kunlun environmental protection ". The successful" anaerobic "fermentation technology is leading in China, This is the latest "industrial economic report card" of Zhuji: from January to June this year, the output value of the six leading industries in Zhuji increased by 13% year-on-year, and the intelligent equipment, pearl and socks industries achieved double-digit growth

in this report card, we also found that 2017 has become a year of a large-scale recovery of the intelligent equipment industry in Zhuji City. Not only has the spring auto parts (cold parts) and other industries that have been growing, but the machine tool industry that has been depressed for many years has also returned to life. The veteran enterprise Kaida machine tool No. 1 science and Technology Department has set up a major research and development special quarterly tax for material genome, with a year-on-year increase of 468.2%, Ruiyuan machine tool and Hangji casting increased by 64.54% and 64% respectively. Embroidery machine industry is also booming, and the production situation is relatively fierce

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