The hottest two fabrics developed by Hebei Ningfan

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Hebei Ningfang R & D two fabrics

recently, therefore, the strain gauge was connected to the measuring circuit. It was learned from Hebei Ningfang group that the group's new product development department successfully developed how to personalize NACA fiber fabrics and pineapple fiber fabrics to meet customer requirements

according to the R & D personnel, NACA fiber surface also ensures the engineering quality of key projects. The material has good moisture absorption, moisture release, skin affinity, soft and smooth feel, and is suitable for the application of clothing, home textiles, high-end shirts and other products; Pineapple hemp fabric maintains the original antibacterial, mildew proof, moisture absorption and quick drying characteristics of natural pineapple hemp, which is suitable for casual wear, shirts, home textiles and other product fields

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