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Two men have been criminally detained for stealing the copper core of Shaoyang Dongkou transformer crazily

since May 2018, two transformer theft cases have occurred in succession in Yulan Town, Dongkou county. Because the suspect are very cunning, and most of the crime places are remote and sparsely populated places, the detection of the case was at an impasse, but the police handling the case at the Phoenix police station never gave up the arrest of the suspect

in June, 2018, a transformer theft occurred again in the area under the jurisdiction of Fenghuang police station. All the copper cores inside were stolen. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly drove to the scene for investigation. Their professional sensitivity made them realize that this was a recidivist, which is likely to be committed by the same gang as the previous transformer theft. The police overcame the sweltering weather, carried out a large number of visits and investigations, compared a large number of clues they had previously mastered, and finally determined that a modern car with a license plate of GUI clnxxx, which can be divided into manual impact testing machine, is a major suspect

on the afternoon of July 18, Yang pingbao, a policeman of Fenghuang police station, was on his way home from work. When the electronic universal testing machine was being used and stored, he found that the car appeared at the entrance of the cave. He immediately turned around to track the suspected car and reported the situation to the leader of the station. The people and auxiliary police in the station quickly gathered together and took four private cars to track the car. That night, the police successfully stopped the suspicious car at the garden Suining section of provincial highway 221, The two suspects in the car were arrested and the packaging materials were reduced; According to the examination, Mr. Zhang (male, 45 years old, from Lingchuan, Guangxi) and Mr. Su (male, 48 years old, from Lingchuan, Guangxi) confessed to the crime of stealing transformers in Dongkou, Suining, Wugang and Guangxi together with the other two people for many times

on July 23, the Criminal Investigation Brigade and the police of Fenghuang police station rushed to Guilin, Guangxi. With the strong cooperation of the local police, they arrested the other two suspect Zhang mouxi (male, 51 years old, from Lingchuan, Guangxi) and Xiong moumao (male, 41 years old, from Kaili, Guizhou). Now the suspect Zhang mousheng, Su mouming, Zhang mouxi and Xiong moumao have been criminally detained by our bureau according to law, and the case is under further investigation

(Dongkou police)

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