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"Two low and one high" restricts the development of titanium dioxide in China

"two low and one high" restricts the development of titanium dioxide in China

August 17, 2004

a common phenomenon in titanium dioxide enterprises at present: "two low and one high" (low technology, low quality, high pollution). If the "two low and one high" is not changed, titanium dioxide enterprises will not jump out of the vicious circle of development

four sets of large titanium dioxide production lines introduced from abroad in the 1990s were settled in Chongqing Yu titanium dioxide Co., Ltd., Jinan (1) tensile strength (maximum tensile stress) Yuxing Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhonghe Huayuan titanium dioxide Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., and all of them basically reached production capacity. At the same time, under the influence of the market, some domestic state-owned enterprises have expanded their production, and some private enterprises have also set foot in this industry. Private enterprises in Sichuan, Yunnan, Shandong and other places have developed the fastest. In 2003, the output of titanium dioxide in China exceeded 500000 tons for the first time, an increase of five times compared with that in 1998 five years ago

however, even with such achievements, the enterprise bosses also admit that compared with foreign countries, China's titanium dioxide enterprises are still unable to participate in competition in the international market, or even meet domestic demand. The main reason lies in "two low and one high"

first, low technology. Titanium dioxide enterprises in the world have two production lines, sulfuric acid method and chlorination method. Chlorination method is more advanced than sulfuric acid method. Since 1990, the world's production capacity of chlorination method has gradually exceeded that of sulfuric acid method, and now it has risen to 60%. In the past 10 years, there are almost no new sulfuric acid production lines in foreign countries, but in China, except for the chlorination process in Jinzhou titanium dioxide Co., Ltd., all other production lines are sulfuric acid process. At present, most of the new production lines under construction are sulfuric acid process, except for the phase II project of Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. and the 30000 ton/year project of Jiaozuo Bailian Chemical Co., Ltd. China has become the only country in the world that has large-scale construction of titanium dioxide production line by sulfuric acid process. In terms of production capacity, seven super large companies have been formed in the world, accounting for more than 80% of the world's total production capacity. The annual production capacity of DuPont is 1.2 million tons, and that of American Lillian is 760000 tons. The total production capacity of more than 60 enterprises in China is only 500000 tons, and the largest enterprise is no more than 30000 tons

second, low quality. In terms of products, titanium dioxide products include low-grade anatase and high-grade rutile crystals. Only 6 titanium dioxide enterprises in China can produce rutile products on the back of the pin fixture block, with an annual production capacity of 70000 tons. The total output of rutile titanium dioxide is less than 100000 tons, accounting for about 15% of the total output. More than 50 companies produce anatase products. For a long time, they can only produce several varieties of anatase products, with an annual production capacity of more than 300000 tons. The domestic market demand for high-grade rutile products is 50% of the total demand, and the demand for rutile titanium dioxide is growing rapidly at a rate of 30% per year. Due to the gap between supply and demand, a large number of foreign rutile titanium dioxide poured in, and the import volume increased from 5000 tons in 1995 to more than 200000 tons in 2003. In terms of price, only last year, rutile products in the domestic market raised their prices for three consecutive times, with a profit margin of about 5000 yuan/ton. Compared with the profit of 1500 yuan/ton of anatase titanium dioxide, there is a significant gap between avoiding oily fog caused by grease dispersion. At present, the market price of domestic anatase titanium dioxide is 8800 ~ 8900 yuan/ton, while the market price of imported rutile titanium dioxide r902 is 19700 ~ 20300 yuan/ton

third, high pollution. Sulfur is also being used in the PLA. The acid process has three major defects: first, there are many "three wastes", especially acid wastewater and dust, which cause great harm to the ecological environment; Second, the investment in environmental protection is large, usually more than millions of yuan; Third, the operating cost is high. The operating cost of environmental protection is as high as 700 yuan per ton of titanium dioxide. This is impossible for some titanium dioxide enterprises with small scale and poor efficiency. Therefore, some enterprises do not use environmental protection devices at all, and lower production costs at the expense of the environment

at present, there are only a few titanium dioxide enterprises in China that really meet the environmental protection standards. Industry insiders generally believe that only through a clean-up and rectification, and improve the entry threshold of titanium dioxide industry, can we change the situation of "two low and one high" of titanium dioxide enterprises

first, the production license system is implemented for titanium dioxide enterprises that have been put into production. Through the strict assessment of the enterprise's quality management system, product quality and "three wastes" treatment, the production license will be issued and production will be approved if the standard is met; Those who fail to meet the standard will be disqualified and closed down. In the assessment system, a one vote veto system should be implemented, and one vote veto should be implemented for enterprises with a single production capacity of less than 10000 tons/year and three consecutive sampling inspections of unqualified products and three wastes

second, implement a technology access system for titanium dioxide enterprises under construction or to be built. Strictly restrict the sulfuric acid production process, and prohibit the production of anatase products with a single set capacity of less than 10000 tons/year and no "three wastes" treatment device; Vigorously encourage the launch of chlorination production process, and vigorously promote the production of rutile products

third, integrate titanium dioxide production enterprises. Powerful enterprise groups are encouraged to merge, acquire and integrate a number of small and medium-sized enterprises through holding shares, equity participation and other forms, take the road of large-scale and market-oriented operation, and comprehensively improve the technological level and competitiveness of enterprises

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