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Taiwan's LED lighting industry transformation and upgrading in two directions

Taiwan's property rights and empty scenery transformation and rapid change of technology, as a mature mass production technology, gradually dispersed to other regions, Taiwan's property no longer has strange characteristics, and it can no longer compete with mass production technology, so we must consider transformation, and grow towards smart fragmentation and cross industry integration

looking back at the growth of LED property in the past, the first wave is large-scale manufacturing. In order to make LEDs replace traditional light sources, operators strive to stop the standardization of terms across the Strait, and large-scale import has resulted in excess production capacity. The second wave began to face up to the quality of light, including natural light, no blue harm, human factors engineering, etc., but it was still unable to get rid of the bidding form, and the quality was mixed. In the third stage, when it comes to piecemeal utilization, the Industrial Research Institute aims at large-scale smart piecemeal integration across categories. For example, the participants of smart hospital lighting piecemeal are not only led manufacturers, but also mobilize the participation of many Taiwan properties, including lighting, medical treatment and telecommunications, hoping to show the value and opportunities of Taiwan properties

one of the characteristics of LED lighting used in medical treatment is to replace WiFi with visible light communication of LED. It can deal with several rare achievements of WiFi, such as being easily hacked because of open environment, or bandwidth obstruction caused by open utilization, etc. In contrast, visible light communication can re encode according to the needs of each hospital, encrypt and decrypt by itself, and does not need to share the bandwidth with others. It also has the advantages of low electromagnetic wave, which is particularly suitable for the utilization environment of medical institutions

at the beginning of this year, ITRI has signed a contract with Changhua Christian Hospital to introduce VLC positioning system for nurse shift handover in intelligent hospital. Taking the nurse's account as an example, in the past, nurses had to spend at least 1 to 2 hours to check instruments and equipment. Today, under the new smart system architecture, it takes only 20 minutes to complete the assignment, among which the method is to increase the indoor positioning system function in LED communication

there are more than these collaborative projects between Changhua Christian Hospital and the Industrial Research Institute. For example, laser treatment, which is often used in dermatology, will cause patients' pain. By using array spectrum to find out the response of different bacteria to different wavelengths, you can select the appropriate treatment wavelength for bacteria, and you can also contact smart analysis to accurately identify the infectious areas that need to shine, and even establish a fully active operation mechanism

in addition, we have to spend money every day. Many times in the operating room of disinfection homework, we can also make good use of short wavelength ultraviolet light, and apply the deep ultraviolet light of led to small lighting equipment to achieve the goal of disinfection. On the other hand, psychological treatment is also a key area. Western European researchers have pointed out that light changes can help improve depressive symptoms. Contact the specialty of human factors engineering. After 8 years of research, Jilin Petrochemical and Liaoyang Petrochemical in the hospital jointly completed the "slurry polyethylene catalyst amplification preparation and industrial utilization experiment". This set of machine rules take the fracture as the criterion in the middle of the gauge length. The full name of the machine system is ldquo; Melting process liquid molten metal temperature measurement and sampling robot rdquo; The light color and light source intensity according to the regional setting requirements can build a warm environment for the whole

with the help of information communication and LED technology, medical property has been built into a smart hospital, and the two largest and strongest properties in Taiwan have been stopped. This development achievement may be equivalent to providing invisible barcode category integration for plastic recycling. This is the focus of ITRI's efforts to assist Taiwan's property transformation in recent years, exploring new positioning and opportunities for existing property

new ideas, new forms of trade

now the industry advocates moving from "efficiency driven economic fragmentation" in the past to "innovation driven economic fragmentation". However, it is necessary to blame new forms of trade in order to attract participants with different property or competitors with the same property. The new form of trade is different from the traditional fragmented economy driven by effectiveness. It is no longer about production capacity, capital or market share. What we want to build is no longer a technological platform, but a platform in the form of trade. The above must be changed from the beginning

in recent years, ITRI has worked hard to promote "open innovation piecemeal platforms" in the hope of helping property overcome technological bottlenecks and promote value innovation. At present, ITRI has more than 130 open innovation piecemeal platforms, covering all processing schemes that can be copied to different situations and modular schemes that can be disassembled and reorganized. The key is which markets Taiwan chooses to enter. For example, smart hospital lighting belongs to the whole processing scheme that can replicate successful experiences globally. In the past, patient data had to be transmitted to the doctor's computer by road, and the huge medical data files were large and time-consuming; In the near future, doctors will visit patients in bed, and all medical records and examination records will be instantly downloaded to doctors' walking assembly through visible light communication technology

two transformation paths: service-oriented and cross industry integration

if the LED industry only thinks of cheap manufacturing and cost reduction, the property ecology will not be able to change. As long as its self-worth can be increased, it is not afraid of the threat of external supply chains. At present, there are two ways to transform Taiwan's property. The first way is to maintain its most valuable and contributing part in a certain market block, adhere to its role in the value chain, and stop the transformation of operation form, that is, from manufacturing to business

take LED as an example, the operator who chooses this path must have a way to upgrade the factory manufacturing to the supplier of automatic data analysis. When the end customer puts forward the design parts, the factory can change the estimation and analysis of the supply yield into the customer's design database, and the operator can also immediately report the yield information of the customer's design changes, or calculate the functional specifications based on the automatic data, Promote the quality management of Taiwan's manufacturing industry to the level of running a business, rather than just seeking to expand production capacity as in the past

the second way is to grow in non market blocks, find out that in some markets and value chains, manufacturers have leading talents and can grow towards the goal of fragmented targets, and be brave to transform from component suppliers to fragmented integrators. The role of ITRI is to help the industry change from a supplier of modules and components to a piecemeal supplier. ITRI plays the role of an integrator across industry, University and research. I hope that in the future, through venture capital or the right industry, it can copy the whole set of processing solutions, promote them to more inappropriate areas of utilization, and reveal the value of large-scale piecemeal integration

ITRI continues to look for the market blocks that can mobilize Taiwan's property most. In addition to medical treatment, such as market, school or local branch, and even smart city, they are all areas worthy of deep cultivation. Although the initial investment is a big challenge, there is a great opportunity for medical property. Smart is a global trend. As long as it is done well, naturally someone will come to the door to find a solution

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