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The two departments issued guidance to promote the green and sustainable development of the petrochemical industry

the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the guidance on promoting the green development of the petrochemical industry today, proposing to establish a normal loading speed range of 0.001~20 in. by optimizing the industrial layout, adjusting the industrial structure, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, improving the green standards of the industry and other measures/Min (1in.=2.54cm) green development long-term mechanism to promote the green and sustainable development of petrochemical industry

the opinions are clear, according to the carrying capacity of resources and environment, according to the national main functional area planning, urban and rural planning and ecological environment protection planning, optimize the layout of petrochemical industry, build a demonstration base for new chemical industrialization, and promote regional coordinated development. Build a number of national demonstration bases for new industrialization of chemical industry, and form several world-class petrochemical industry bases and modern coal chemical industry demonstration zones

in order to meet the needs of the people for safety and environmental protection, it is proposed to focus on the development of static testing machines for green petrochemical products such as high-performance resins, special rubbers and elastomers, high-performance fibers and their composites, functional membrane materials, electronic chemicals, high-performance water treatment agents, surfactants, and cleaning oils, high-performance lubricants, environmental protection solvent oils, etc. Break through the supply bottleneck of key supporting raw materials in the upstream, accelerate the industrialization, promotion and application of domestic blank varieties, guide the agglomeration development of green product production enterprises, and create a number of distinctive industrial agglomeration areas

the relevant person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission said that it would strengthen the implementation of policies, strengthen finance and finance, and support China's "one belt and one road" initiative, enhance the subject consciousness of green development of enterprises, and comprehensively improve the green development level of petrochemical enterprises

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