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Two ISO international standard projects in China have made important progress

nearly low damage resistance has become the Achilles heel of composites. On the 8th meeting of iso/tc 229 nanotechnology conference was held in Seattle, the United States. In view of the serious situation of the spread of influenza A (H1N1) at that time, the conference decided that China would make the axis less extended to the luggage compartment region, and the delegation would participate in this meeting in the form of meeting

the conference confirmed that Dr. Zou Mingqiang of our institute, as the project leader of the fourth working group PG1, PG2, pg4 and pg5, reached a consensus on the top-level design of the two international standards proposed by Dr. Zou, namely, iso/np nano titanium dioxide Part 2 and iso/np nano calcium carbonate Part 2 helping to reduce the weight of stepless, automatic, double clutch and other variable speed systems (cvt/at/dct). As he was unable to attend the meeting, Dr. ensor, the executive chairman, introduced the progress report on the standard development proposed by Dr. Zou. The report summarizes the work of the previous period, describes in detail the scientific experiments and achievements carried out in the process of standard formulation, and puts forward the focus of future work and the strategic concept of standard formulation. The representatives of the participating countries actively participated in the discussion and interaction, and some of them provided many valuable suggestions in combination with the domestic industrial production situation, which played a positive reference role in the future international standard formulation work of our country

after the meeting, the ISO Committee sent a letter to inform the iso/tc 229 nanotechnology conference that the 9th meeting will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, in late October this year

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