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Two major achievements of CAAM participated in the "innovation achievement exhibition of central enterprises"

on the morning of October 9, in order to further enhance the sense of mission and sense of loving the party, patriotism and enterprise of the vast number of cadres and workers, and promote mutual exchanges and learning among enterprises, CAAM organized 35 cadres and workers from all units in Beijing to visit the "achievement exhibition of central enterprises implementing the new development concept, deeply implementing the innovation driven development strategy, and vigorously promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation work"

this exhibition was hosted by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and 98 central enterprises made a collective debut for the first time. It aims to comprehensively display the major scientific and technological innovation achievements and "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" achievements made by central enterprises since the 18th CPC National Congress

this exhibition fully shows the high-level innovation strength of central enterprises through display boards, videos, models, physical objects and other forms, and comprehensively reflects the strength and responsibility of central enterprises in safeguarding national security, undertaking national strategies, promoting industrial development, and ensuring the rise and fall dilemma of the national economy and the people's livelihood. Two major achievements of the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery, namely the "agricultural full mechanized cloud service platform" and the "qw80 aircraft tractor with most stuffing points if the oil delivery valve is not used", participated in the exhibition

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