Shandong electrician has expanded energy storage a

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Pinggao, Nari, guoxinyuan and Shandong electrician have expanded their businesses such as energy storage.

following the 27 heads of provincial companies talking about their work ideas in 2019, 16 major heads of units directly under the State Power Corporation of China carefully studied the spirit of the work report of the two sessions of the State Power Corporation of China in 2019, and talked about their feelings and understanding and next work plans in combination with the actual situation of this unit. Among them, Pinggao group will gather professional resources and vigorously cultivate and expand new businesses such as Gil, electric side, electric boiler and comprehensive energy. Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. will also expand new businesses and new formats such as energy storage, electric energy substitution and comprehensive energy services, serving the construction and operation of the power IOT

This meeting is an important and far-reaching meeting held during the critical period of vigorously implementing the development strategy for the new era. Chairman Kou Wei's report has a high political standing and a new strategic positioning. It reflects the party's pragmatic style throughout: observing the truth, telling the truth, and making practical moves, pointing out the direction and defining the task for us to build a three type and two world-class energy interconnection enterprise. In the face of the current complex and severe external environment, we must adhere to the bottom line thinking, adhere to the principle of making progress while maintaining stability, keep the right track and make innovations, create a new situation of development in overcoming difficulties, boost the transformation and upgrading of the company, and turn the grand blueprint into reality. After the meeting, China International Corporation will conscientiously understand and actively implement the requirements of the company's Party group. In the next step, it will closely focus on the strategic objectives of the new era, take serving and promoting the construction of the the Belt and Road as the core, rely on the company's advantageous resources, steadily open up new investment areas and business areas, optimize the layout of overseas assets, solidly promote the improvement of quality and efficiency, actively prevent all kinds of risks, give full play to the leading role of Party construction, forge ahead Work hard, promote internationalization, launch an innovative situation, shoulder the burden of international business profits of more than 16billion yuan, and contribute to accelerating the construction of a world-class energy interconnection enterprise

in 2019, guoxintong industry group will thoroughly study and implement the spirit of this meeting, earnestly implement the company's strategic deployment arrangements, and focus on the following work: first, adhere to the party's overall leadership over the enterprise, closely focus on the fundamental requirement of high-quality development, and take the 13th five year plan as the main line to accelerate reform and innovation, optimize industrial layout, consolidate the management foundation, and improve the quality of development. Second, accelerate the improvement of industrial development capacity, fully support and serve the construction of strong smart electricity, fully lead and participate in the construction of ubiquitous power IOT, research and layout the construction of the full-service ubiquitous power IOT industrial chain, carry out key technology research on relevant cloud, and end, and accelerate the large-scale construction and full-scale application of the full-service ubiquitous power IOT. Third, accelerate the development and application of new smart terminals based on SMIC and the large-scale application of series products, effectively shoulder the mission of supporting the in-depth R & D, design and large-scale application of SMIC, and make new and greater contributions to accelerating the construction of a world-class energy interconnection enterprise with global competitiveness

Yang Dongwei

the report of chairman and party secretary of Guodian e-commerce company (guofintech group)

chairman Kou Wei proposed the goal of building a world-class energy interconnection enterprise and the basic path of implementing the development strategy of the new era. The three types, two types, world-class goal requirements and the strategic path of one guidance and three changes have further deepened and improved the company's development strategy for the new era, and profoundly expounded the time and potential, opportunities and dangers for the company to achieve strategic breakthroughs, which is the general program and guidance of the company's current and future work. China e-commerce Corporation (China fintech group) will seriously study and fully implement it, grasp new opportunities, undertake new missions and create new values in the new round of reform and development

in 2019, China e-commerce Corporation (China fintech group) will resolutely implement the deployment of the two sessions of the company, continue to strive with the attitude of reform and innovation, firmly grasp the main line of high-quality development, strengthen and optimize the e-commerce and fintech undertakings of household appliances in large countries, and comprehensively support the construction of three types and two world-class energy interconnection enterprises. First, focus on the construction of ubiquitous power IOT, and speed up the construction of a number of "three types and two demonstration applications" through the construction of photovoltaic cloud, industrial interconnection and other market-oriented power IOT; Second, focus on the construction of modern service system, comprehensively support the construction and operation of China, release the efficiency of Internet + marketing service, and serve the people's better life; Third, focus on vigorously improving quality and efficiency, implement the intelligent upgrading of e-commerce procurement, promote the practical development of smart supply chain and electrical equipment industrial interconnection platform, and comprehensively promote the application of national business travel; Fourth, focus on serving the real economy, build the largest power bill trading platform in China, implement the double 10 billion inclusive financial project to serve small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and speed up the Socialized Operation of power big data; Fifth, focus on reform, innovation and development, give full play to the role of high beam software capital platform, achieve a wider range of business collaboration and resource complementarity, and create a new model for the mixed reform of central enterprises

Jia Zhi is insoluble in water and lye

the chairman and party secretary of CEC equipment company

chairman Kou Wei's work report focuses on building a world-class energy interconnection enterprise, creatively puts forward the three types, two types and world-class strategic objectives, systematically expounds a leading and three transformation strategic paths, and makes an important conclusion that the next three years is the company's strategic breakthrough period, which is very ideological, strategic Forward looking and instructive. The work report puts forward specific requirements for serving the construction of the the Belt and Road

CLP equipment company will resolutely implement the spirit of the conference, serve the construction of the the Belt and Road, be market-oriented, focus on the development and performance focus, and promote the high-quality development of international business. We will promote the performance of major projects, ensure that the 800 kV converter station project of the second phase of Mount Meili in Brazil is put into operation on schedule, complete the overall handover of the Egyptian eetc500 kV phase I transmission project, build the 660 kV DC transmission project in Mera in Pakistan with high quality, start the construction of the 500 kV ring project in Vientiane, Laos, and carefully build major national projects in Turkey, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, etc. Give full play to the comprehensive advantages of the company's collectivization, make full use of high-quality resources, and promote a number of major overseas projects to achieve substantive breakthroughs. Vigorously implement overseas localized operation, strengthen the responsible management and performance evaluation of cooperative units and local construction teams, improve the overseas safety production management system, strengthen the whole process control of project quality, continue to optimize the internal control system that meets the requirements of marketization, establish and improve the early warning mechanism of exchange rate, tax and overseas investment projects, deepen the education of keeping the original intention and mission in mind, Carry out the construction of key party building projects, and build overseas project party branches into battle forts with remarkable international business characteristics and excellent political and economic benefits

guoxinyuan company will resolutely implement the spirit of this meeting, firmly grasp the fundamental requirement of high-quality development, firmly grasp the general tone of seeking progress in stability, abide by integrity and innovation, take responsibility, strengthen the foundation and strengthen the foundation, strive to improve resource reengineering, risk control, development support, team cohesion and cultural influence, and solidly promote the construction of digital intelligent power stations and information-based intelligent enterprises. Adhere to putting safety production in the first place, take intrinsic safety as the basis, and focus on the three elimination and three prevention, tamp the foundation, make up for shortcomings, and eliminate hidden dangers, so as to ensure a safe and stable situation. Adhering to the planning guidance, four pumping and storage power stations including Shanxi Yuanqu were approved during the year. Highlight safety and quality, pay close attention to 26 power stations under construction in the whole process, and put the first unit of Fengman Hydropower Station and Anhui Jixi pumped storage power station into operation for power generation before the third quarter. Adhere to reform and innovation, optimize the management and control mode, promote the reform of mixed ownership, the reform of three systems and multidimensional lean management, and constantly improve the effectiveness, efficiency and efficiency of management. Adhere to the leadership of political construction, comprehensively strengthen the construction of the party, strengthen the four senses, strengthen the four self-confidence, and resolutely achieve the two maintenance, fully promote the safe, healthy and high-quality development of enterprises, and be an enterpriser and practitioner of the construction of three types and two world-class energy interconnection enterprises

Li Jingzhong

General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the national energy conservation company

the work report of chairman Kou Wei proposed to create three types and two types, which has achieved the development strategy of the national power company to keep pace with the times and optimize and improve; One guidance and three changes have formed the basic path for the national power company to implement the development strategy of the new era; The three-year strategic breakthrough period reflects the role of the state power company in implementing the central decision-making and deployment and the scientific judgment of the development situation. The reform measures proposed in the report highlight

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