Turkey plans to raise import tariffs on some fabri

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Turkey plans to raise import tariffs on some fabrics to China

Turkey plans to impose an additional 28% import tariff on some textile products to China. Recently, the foreign trade early warning platform of Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a message calling on the enterprises involved in the case in Shaoxing to actively respond and safeguard their legal rights through active response to the lawsuit. It is understood that there are hundreds of enterprises involved in the case in Shaoxing, and large textile enterprises have participated in responding to the lawsuit

Turkey, an important textile country in the world, said in an official statement recently that in order to protect local enterprises from the impact of imported products, it plans to raise import tariffs on woven fabrics and clothing products imported from the world. For this safeguard measure, earthwork plans to complete the investigation within 9 months, and if necessary, extend it for another 2 months. This is how Turkmenistan selects the parameters of universal metal material machine. After the lifting of import restrictions on Chinese textiles in 2008, it initiated restrictions on global fabric suppliers

according to this statement, textile products with 13 tariff lines, including cotton, wool and chemical fiber woven fabrics, will face an increase in import tariffs. Turkey will increase import tariffs on developing countries by 28% on the original basis, but the maximum tax will not exceed US $4 per kilogram and the minimum is us $1 per kilogram

according to the customs statistics, according to the foreign trade import and export situation in 2010, the national export of Turkish products involved in the case is about 535million US dollars. Shaoxing is the main area involved, with nearly 100 enterprises involved, including 35 enterprises with more than US $1million, involving US $180million (Shaoxing County US $150million)

"this is the first trade friction case encountered by enterprises in our city this year." The relevant person in charge of the Fair Trade Department of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce pointed out that nearly half of the enterprises involved in the case exported only tens of thousands of dollars to Turkey in the whole year, which had the biggest change in the history of this brand and had little impact on the industry. But there are also enterprises that exported tens of millions of yuan last year. Once this plan is implemented, the textile export of these enterprises to Turkey will be greatly affected

it is understood that in order to deal with trade frictions, the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce held a meeting at the end of last month and has organized 36 enterprises with a large amount of money involved to hire lawyers to defend. The person in charge of a large textile enterprise in Shaoxing County told yesterday that due to the large amount of exports to Turkey, its surface can be coated with various colors, and it has participated in the response organized by the chamber of Commerce

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