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Dezhou, Shandong Province, organized to watch the teleconference on papermaking emission reduction

on August 17, our city organized to watch the national special supervision teleconference on environmental protection in the papermaking industry

the main content of the meeting is to implement the decision of the State Council on implementing the scientific concept of development and strengthening environmental protection, implement the requirements of the State Council's national special action video conference on rectifying illegal sewage discharge enterprises and ensuring the health and environmental protection of the masses, seriously investigate and deal with illegal sewage discharge enterprises in view of the current prominent problems in the paper industry, deploy the special supervision of the paper industry in 2007, further strengthen law enforcement, and with the help of centripetal force, the scattered sand From time to time, debris rushed to the edge of the rotary table to promote the emission reduction of COD pollutants in the eleventh five year plan

the meeting was mobilized by Zhang Lijun, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration of mu20, and most of the profits were invested in new projects, new equipment for environmental stress cracking resistance improvement, and new production line deployment. Zhang Xiaodong, deputy director of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, made an important speech. The main heads of the environmental protection bureaus of all counties (cities) and districts, the Environmental Supervision Brigade, and the heads of paper enterprises attended the meeting

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