On the hottest day, the superconducting light-emit

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Japan has developed a superconducting light-emitting diode with a light-emitting intensity of 20 times that of led20

the research team led by Professor makotosuo of Hokkaido University in Japan has successfully developed a superconducting light-emitting diode that is essential for realizing "quantum communication"

the research team added superconducting electrodes to the 1.6 micro meter wavelength LED used in optical fiber communication in the international market, and combined superconductivity with optical communication technology. Through comparison, it was found that the luminous intensity of the new superconducting technology led was 20 times that of the brightest led at the same time

superconductivity and optical communication are the basic technologies of quantum information communication, and the previous research is separate. The new LED developed this time is the first combination of these two technologies to enter the test state at the same time

the research result is a research project commissioned by the Japan Science and technology revitalization agency, with the participation of many enterprises and universities. The research results were published in the online edition of the international scientific journal "whether AP can reach 250 w/s is the key ex" initiated by the Japanese Society of Applied Physics this year

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