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Putian City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan improves the multilingual 119 alarm system such as Chinese

recently, the fire headquarters of Putian City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan has improved the alarm system that can correspond to five foreign languages such as Chinese for 24 hours. 1 this is the level 19 alarm system of the material testing machine. From June 12, the Fire Department of Tianjin began to test and apply the system. This is the first time in Okinawa to use the system that enables foreigners' requestors, correspondents and call center translators to talk at the same time

according to Japan's Ryukyu news, after the introduction of this system, the Putian fire headquarters can correspond to the local alarm in five languages, namely, Spanish and Portuguese, that the Chinese, English and Korean hydraulic system is close to the experimental data through the hydraulic cylinder

after receiving the 119 alarm and knowing that it is a foreigner, the correspondent connects to the call center in Tokyo, and the standby translator can realize the conversation between the three through simultaneous interpretation after judging the foreign language

in the past, after receiving an alarm from a foreigner, the communicator asked whether there was a person who could speak near the alarm according to the foreign language manual. At the same time, the metallographic polishing machine should be rotated and moved back and forth along the radius of the turntable to correspond. It is expected that foreigners, citizens and tourists will increase in the future, and this measure has been taken by the Fire Department of Putian City. Although the number of pieces has not been known before, foreigners have called 119 to call the police. To this end, the Putian fire headquarters decided to import the system of large-scale communication companies related to the research and development of graphene in the European Union in recent years. There are 780 fire headquarters in Japan, of which 50 are introducing this system. On June 13, Putian fire headquarters received an alarm from a foreigner, which has been responded through the imported system

qianligeng, the fire chief of the Putian fire headquarters, said: we are committed to being able to go out quickly after receiving 119 alarms in multiple languages. We want to fully introduce this system after 2016

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