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Japanese rubber "rainy" Shanghai Rubber upward pressure

Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) index futures rubber turned up from decline on Friday, but this week recorded its first weekly decline in five weeks, and the purchase bill triggered by Thailand's support for the rubber price plan gradually dissipated. Thailand's intervention is expected to start in the middle of the month, and rubber supply is likely to suffer seasonal contraction in the coming weeks. TOCOM's July rubber contract rose 3.6 yen, or 1.2 percent, to 314.7 yen per kilogram on Friday, having previously fallen to 6 yen

in the middle of January, a protest and March of Jiaonong occurred in songka, Thailand, which ignited the fire of the Thai government intervening in the market supply-demand relationship through policies and measures, and showed it in a direct reading way. During the Spring Festival, the Thai government approved an interest free loan of 15billion baht for the purchase of smokeless film (uss3) from rubber farmers at the price of 120 baht/kg, including the previously approved 2billion baht collection and storage funds. At present, the scale of funds collected and stored by Thai rubber has reached 17billion baht, and about 540million US dollars have entered the oil tank

Vietnam's National Bureau of Statistics (GSO) said on Thursday that Vietnam's rubber exports in January were expected to be 80000 tons, a decrease of 18% over the previous month. GSO said exports fell 31% to $230million. The government's revised data showed that exports totaled 111000 tons in December, with an export volume of 335 million US dollars

Shanghai natural rubber futures opened low and rose high on the 3rd, with the main contract 1205 closing at 27725 yuan/ton, up 415 yuan/ton. The trend of the external market was weak. Influenced by Bernanke's speech, the volatility of European and American stock markets was weak, and the US dollar index rose slightly. The policy of rubber supply, purchase and storage in Thailand will be implemented within this month. Although the increase of Chinese rubber inventory suppressed the trend of Japanese rubber, the data of Japanese automobile sales limited the decline, and the prospect of domestic automobile market was also optimistic, and the situation of global economic recovery was gradually obvious. Last week, crude oil and Japanese rubber both ended up, and it was expected that the prospect of Shanghai rubber was optimistic, but there was also some pressure on the rise

the U.S. Labor Department announced on the 3rd that the number of non farm payrolls in the United States increased by 243000 in January, the highest level since April 2011. Economists surveyed predicted that the number of non farm payrolls would increase by 125000. In January, the unemployment rate fell by 0.2 percentage points to 8.3%, the lowest level since February 2009. Rich ilczy, chief market strategist at Chicago II, said szyn that the employment data had become a catalyst to push crude oil futures higher in the next few years

the labor cost is 233 yuan/ton

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