On the hottest day, Shanghai Jiaozhou stock exchan

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During the rest of the day, Shanghai Jiao rose by the daily limit

affected by the rebound of crude oil, it is strictly forbidden to raise and lower the beam. The rest of the day lifted the constraint on Shanghai Jiao, and Shanghai Jiao got out of the independent strong rebound market. After the sharp opening in the morning, it fluctuated higher. In the afternoon, almost all contracts rose by the daily limit, and the main contract 0803 successfully broke through the 23000 yuan mark. Although there was an increase in positions, the trading volume decreased significantly

technically, Shanghai Jiao has successfully broken through the consolidation zone, and the rising channel has been opened, which is expected to reach a new high. It can be qualitatively confirmed that the chemical components contained in it have impacted the previous high of 24000 yuan. However, it depends on the trend of Japanese Jiao after the opening of the market. If Japanese Jiao continues to adjust, it may drag down the rise of Shanghai Jiao, and Shanghai Jiao may also take advantage of the momentum to callback and prepare for the opportunity to rise

in terms of operation, Shanghai Jiaotong rose strongly, and investors can continue to keep multiple orders

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