On the hottest and coldest days, Nanjing 12345 rec

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In the coldest days, Nanjing "12345" received 700 complaints about power cuts

recently, the weather in Nanjing was cold, and it snowed, and many citizens suffered power cuts in their homes. Yesterday, it was learned from Nanjing municipal government that in the coldest days of the 18th, more than 700 complaints about power cuts were received, most of which have been resolved

learned that since last year, 1 another party 2. Non metallic material testing machine: 1. Generally, it requires high-precision measuring equipment and instruments such as tensile machine and tensile tester with less than 1t force; Limited by the development and manufacturing costs and processes, the "12345" government service call center has been increasingly effective since it was officially opened on February 28. According to the statistics of the center, from the opening of Nanjing "12345" to 0:00 on January 23, the masses have connected 61861 times and answered 41382 questions in 25 days

more than 700 citizens complained about power cuts one day

around January 18, the lowest air temperature in Nanjing suddenly fell to minus 7-9 degrees Celsius. At 17:00 p.m. that day, the seats of the "12345" government service call center suddenly got busy and rang out one after another. The telephone operators received appeals one after another reflecting the problems related to "power failure at home, unable to cook and warm up". The tone of the caller was full of anxiety, even blame and complaint

100, including Volkswagen, Ford, general motors, Sony, Gree and other well-known enterprises, 200. One after another, the person in charge of the "12345" supervision center immediately launched the 12345 public opinion rapid reporting mechanism, and grasped that the lithium concentrate provided to the company in Nanjing would increase to 1.5 of the output of phase 2, about 150000 tons. Long Xiang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, reported. A minute later, the message was sent to Ji Jianye, mayor of Nanjing

Ji Jianye, who had learned about the situation from other channels and arranged for Luo Qun, the deputy mayor in charge, to solve the problem, learned from "12345" that citizens were eager to get electricity, and immediately instructed the relevant departments to try to restore residents' electricity consumption with more powerful measures and faster speed from the height of "paying attention to people's livelihood and solving problems for the people..." at this time, it was less than 5 minutes before 12345 started the reporting mechanism

Luo Qun, the deputy mayor in charge, rushed to Nanjing power supply company to coordinate and solve the problem on site. Nanjing power supply company said that all residents' electricity could be restored before 10 p.m. and the news reached 12345 at the first time. When 12345 clearly informed the public of the time to restore power supply, the number of calls fell sharply. From 20:13 that night, the power supply was restored in the blackout areas. Afterwards, more than 700 citizens reported the power outage to 12345

from trying to see become a habit

a Ms. Wang in Baixia District told that she saw a wasp nest on the Wutong tree next to Bayi hospital, so she dialed "12345" with a try mentality. I didn't expect that the next day, the staff of Baixia District checked on the spot and formulated a removal plan. At 8 a.m. on January 15, wulaocun Street United with the second municipal traffic police brigade and yixianqiao fire squadron, using high-pressure water guns to completely remove the wasp nest

it was found in the interview that it has gradually become a habit for many citizens to hit "12345" like Ms. Wang. The "point-to-point" dialogue has built a "communication bridge" between the government and the municipal people

however, in the "12345" call center, I also heard many people who occupy resources. For example, some citizens regard 12345 as 114 to inquire about simple problems in daily life; Some citizens complain repeatedly. Jiangsu, China

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