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Kodak participated in the national digital campus construction and Innovation Development Summit Forum

from May 14 to 15, jointly sponsored by the education science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of education, the Education Information Technology Standards Committee of the Ministry of education and the education technology sub committee of the national information technology standardization Technical Committee, the technical standards committee of China Education Technology Association, the education research center of the Ministry of education and the modern education technology magazine of Tsinghua University, The 8th National Digital Campus Construction and Innovation Development Summit Forum hosted by Zhejiang University was held in Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University. The theme of this forum is artificial intelligence and future educational technology. Keda was invited to participate in the forum. Peng Tao, general manager of Keda's education division, gave a speech on the theme of Keda, using strength to make education feelings fall to the ground, and elaborated on the application achievements made by Keda in artificial intelligence and video technology in recent years, which attracted attention

PENG Tao, general manager of Keda Education Division, made a speech

artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in human life and affects the development of all walks of life. Then, how to make intelligent technology better applied to education and teaching and improve the level of education management is a problem that every education practitioner is thinking about

AI is widely used in education. Kodak has been actively exploring AI technologies such as perception, cloud and big data. In 2014, it launched a perceptual camera, giving the camera a pair of eyes that can recognize people. Combined with the education industry, it innovatively launched the industry's first fixed tracking camera for teachers, eptz intelligent camera and personnel bayonet camera to protect campus security, helping the construction of educational informatization, Promote the balanced development of education and protect campus safety. This year, Kodak will also launch a new second-generation eptz smart camera

the staff in front of Kodak booth explained the product functions to customers

eptz smart camera made cloud recording and broadcasting intelligent transmission of high-quality resources in Colleges and universities

Kodak eptz smart camera is the first fixed tracking camera in the industry. It adopts electronic platform tracking technology and supports intelligent follow-up tracking, which can realize the free capture of teachers' teaching pictures, so that the displayed teachers' pictures are always in the best viewing range of human eyes. The new second-generation eptz smart camera, with built-in intelligent image analysis technology, not only serves the recording and broadcasting, but also provides rich data for classroom supervisors to replace sensors. In addition, the new second-generation eptz smart camera will also launch functions such as population statistics and face attendance

Kodak cloud recording and broadcasting solution adopts the way of courseware encoder and eptz intelligent tracking camera for normal recording and broadcasting, which can quickly build a set of cost-effective recording and broadcasting platform for colleges and universities, build a high-quality teaching resource library, realize five applications of normal recording and broadcasting, teaching supervision, class review, electronic patrol examination and classroom security, transmit high-quality educational resources of colleges and universities, and promote the modernization of school management

in a typical application case, through the cloud recording and broadcasting platform built by Keda for Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University successfully held the second meeting of the equipment group of the China Russia Industrial Committee in the first academic year of 2016, recording 111 courses, effectively editing 5506 hours, and remotely transmitting 1200 hours to Tibet University and Ningxia University when improving 50% durability, helping Tibet University and Ningxia University

personnel bayonet camera captures portraits

personnel bayonet camera helps upgrade and protect campus safety

personnel bayonet camera is a kind of Kodak perceptual camera series. Unlike ordinary face capture cameras, it can not only capture the moving face, but also capture the whole outline of the person, and automatically select the best face and full body pictures; Provide semantic description of the basic characteristics of the captured characters for deeper feature analysis in the background

Keda Ping'an campus solution introduces intelligent monitoring technologies such as personnel bayonets and video analysis, and develops from a single video monitoring system to a comprehensive security system. The front-end deploys perceptual cameras and other devices, and the back-end applies cloud storage, intelligent analysis and other systems, which can realize all-round monitoring of the campus environment, key guarantees in key areas, early warning of dangers, and upgrading the Ping'an campus

in a typical application case, Keda has built a set of high-definition intelligent school wide safety management system for the 136 hectare campus of Northeast Forestry University, deployed personnel bayonets and gun ball linkage in the open area of the campus and the main road of the campus, and then coordinated with the customized campus map for unified adjustment, so as to realize the integration of school wide safety and defense and protect campus safety

relying on years of technology accumulation in the video and security industries, Kodak is committed to making artificial intelligence and video technology better serve future education, promoting the progress of educational informatization, and using its strength to put educational feelings into practice

about Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd.:

Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Keda) is a leading provider of video and security products and solutions, committed to video conferencing Video the research team has been equipped with green industrial preparation technology monitoring from green raw material polylactic acid polyol to its polyurethane and rich video application solutions to help various government and enterprise customers solve visual communication and management problems. Keda was founded in 1995. After more than 20 years of development, it was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 1, 2016 (stock abbreviation: Suzhou Keda, stock code 603660)

at present, the company has more than 3500 employees, is headquartered in Suzhou, has 27 branches and 77 marketing service agencies across the country, and has set up subsidiaries in Singapore to take charge of overseas business

as a high-tech enterprise, years of technology accumulation has made Keda have strong independent R & D and innovation strength. Founded in 2001, Keda Shanghai R & D center is one of the most professional video and security research institutions in the industry, with strong R & D strength. By the end of September 2016, the company had 1576 technical R & D personnel, accounting for 46.99% of the total number of the company. In recent years, the company's R & D investment accounts for about 31.20% of its operating revenue, far exceeding the industry level. By implementing the integrated product R & D management system and standardizing product development with advanced processes, Kodak has fully formed a market-oriented product planning and R & D system with customer needs as the driving force of innovation, which can provide products and solutions that help quickly improve and improve customers' core businesses

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