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In 2018, "Express night", Cummins won the Supplier Award in China's express industry

2018 "Express night", Cummins won the Supplier Award in China's express industry

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on January 18, the annual meeting of China Post Express newspaper and the "express industry award ceremony" were held in Beijing. Cummins won the 2017 China express industry supplier award at the express industry award ceremony, the "highlight" of the Express night

201 it is required that the development of China's express industry has entered a new stage in the past seven years, with 40.1 billion express business completed in the whole year. While the business volume continues to rank first in the world, the service quality is getting better and better, the safety index is getting higher and higher, the level of green environmental protection is constantly improving, and the scope of science and technology is becoming more and more sufficient. China Express can efficiently "run" and "turn" and provide satisfactory express services for hundreds of millions of businesses and consumers, which is inseparable from the support of countless suppliers

in order to commend and thank the enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the industry, China Post Express News has set up a jury composed of experts from the National Post think tank, dozens of heads of provincial and municipal postal administrations, consumers and media to study and set the categories and selection dimensions of the awards, and select the candidates through a combination of professional evaluation and public voting. Cummins' winning the Supplier Award in the express industry is undoubtedly an affirmation of Cummins' efforts in the field of express logistics

the express industry has a high demand for safe, efficient and reliable trunk transportation vehicles. Only vehicles suitable for express transportation and operation can win the favor of express enterprises. The excellent power performance and reliable quality of Cummins Engine perfectly meet the professional needs of express transportation industry

Cummins has obvious quality and technical advantages in the whole engine and core components. With the distinctive characteristics of economy, efficiency and safety, Cummins will escort users, increase revenue and reduce expenditure! It is not difficult to find out through the purchase models of express delivery enterprises in recent years, Transport vehicles are mostly concentrated on the origin of the strain curve (if tensile load deforms, tensile secant elastic modulus: tensile stress on the truck equipped with Cummins engine, for example, Foton OMAC, Dongfeng Tianlong purchased by Yunda express, Zhongtong express, Debang logistics, SF express, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong purchased by Baishi Huitong, Shentong, etc., all reveal their trust in Cummins ISF, ISD, isz and other engines. Cummins engine has super power, high reliability and low cost With the advantages of failure rate and Cummins C-Link remote intelligent terminal, taking big data as the carrier to realize scientific fuel saving and intelligent management, it has become a classic driving force in the express logistics industry

with the guarantee of product hard power and the help of the service team, Cummins is "even more powerful" in the express logistics industry. Last year, Cummins joined hands with Shentong to ensure the double 11 express logistics! Cummins' Dongfeng Cummins, Cummins Tianyuan, Cummins emission treatment system and Cummins Filtration System specially set up a "double 11" service support team during the double 11, stationed in Shentong Shanghai transfer center, and provided a one week "double 11" transportation vehicle insurance Jinan test to introduce you the ability of plastic metal materials to produce plastic deformation without damage under the action of external forces, which is called plasticity Medium and low carbon steel has good plastic driving escort service

through centralized maintenance and door-to-door maintenance, the "preventive needle" can be made for the "double 11" transportation vehicles to the greatest extent, the hidden dangers of possible engine problems can be found and solved as far as possible, and the vehicles can realize efficient and trouble free operation during the "double 11" period, without falling off the chain at the critical moment. Through vehicle use and maintenance training, users and drivers can learn more about product characteristics, use skills, and the importance and methods of maintenance, so as to give better play to the comprehensive performance advantages of Cummins engine. The support team uses Cummins C-Link remote intelligent service system to monitor the real-time position, walking track, engine failure and other information of the vehicle, monitor the vehicle in real time and guide the active service action of the service station. Cummins also increased the reserve of spare parts such as filter, post processor, urea and engine oil to ensure transportation, and provided timely services at any time

2018, China Express will usher in new development. Explore and innovate to add fuel to the development of the express industry. Kangge believes that with excellent reliability, economy and power, advanced remote intelligent terminal technology and timely service team support, Cummins still has a long relationship with China's express delivery industry

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