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The 16th China Eastern and Western cooperation, investment and Trade Fair (xiqia Fair) was grandly opened in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province on April 5. The duration of this xiqia fair is April, 2012. The venue will be arranged in Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Being in the new round of development, Shaanxi, which is now in the process of large-scale development of the sealing machine in the market, has actively implemented the development plan of Guanzhong Tianshui Economic Zone, sustained and rapid economic and social development, containing unlimited business opportunities and broad investment space. In order to facilitate domestic and foreign businessmen to invest and start business in Shaanxi, we selected 200 projects as the first batch of key promotion projects of this western China Fair, with a total investment of 267.5 billion yuan, including the construction project of coating industrial park in Yushen industrial zone. According to the coating technology and abstract, with the rapid development of the construction of energy and chemical industry base in Northern Shaanxi, 9 There is a huge demand for functional industry and civil coatings that can return to the original position after the experiment. The construction of coating project in Yushen industrial zone is mainly to meet the coating demand in the western region. There are many coal chemical projects under construction in Yushen industrial zone and the so-called "double space", that is, there are two experimental spaces. Shenhua Taoshi Yulin coal recycling project has been settled in Qingshui coal chemical industrial park of Yushen industrial zone to cope with increasingly complex environmental problems. It can produce 3.5 million tons of fine chemicals a year, providing a unique raw material advantage for the development of coating industry. In addition, the local energy is rich and the price is low, which has a great cost advantage. The coating industrial park construction project of Yushen industrial zone will build a coating industrial park in Qingshui coal chemical industrial park of Yushen Industrial Zone, covering a planned area of 10 square kilometers. It will build the largest coating production and R & D base in the West. The total investment of the project is planned to be about 5billion yuan. The cooperation methods include sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, etc

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