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End of soliciting opinions on the new version of regulations on investment management of automobile industry! On the basis of the opinions and suggestions of the industry associations, we solicited opinions from the public from July 4, 2018 to August 4, 2018

the national development and Reform Commission said that during the public consultation period, relevant enterprises, industry associations, research institutions and the public put forward more than 200 valuable opinions and suggestions by e-mail, which has a strong reference significance for further improving the draft. We will carefully study and absorb relevant opinions and suggestions. Here, I would like to express my thanks to all sectors of society for their care and support

it is reported that the exposure draft points out that it is necessary to improve the access standards for investment projects in the automotive industry, strengthen the supervision during and after the event, standardize the investment behavior of market players, guide the rational investment of social capital, encourage the production capacity cooperation of enterprises, and prevent blind construction and disorderly development. Strictly control the new production capacity of traditional fuel vehicles, actively promote the healthy and orderly development of new energy vehicles, and strive to build an innovative development system for intelligent vehicles

the exposure draft proposes to encourage provinces and enterprises with low automobile capacity utilization to increase capital investment and mergers and acquisitions. Scientifically plan the layout of new energy automobile industry, encourage the existing traditional fuel automobile enterprises after decoupling from Dow DuPont to increase capital investment, adjust product structure and develop new energy automobile products. Strictly manage the investment projects of newly-built pure electric vehicle enterprises to prevent blind distribution and low-level repeated construction

the exposure draft clearly prohibits the establishment of independent fuel vehicle enterprises and the construction of fuel vehicle production capacity across passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles by existing vehicle enterprises. Investment projects of newly-built independent pure electric vehicle enterprises shall not be constructed in provinces where the proportion of new energy vehicles is lower than the national average, or where there are zombie qualifications for new energy vehicles of the same product category, or where the output of investment projects of newly-built pure electric vehicle enterprises of the same product category does not reach 80% of the construction scale. We will support social capital investment in new energy vehicles, intelligent vehicles, etc., and support state-owned automobile enterprises and other enterprises in carrying out mixed ownership reform

in addition, the exposure draft requires to optimize the production capacity layout of traditional fuel vehicles, and the new production capacity investment projects should be built in provinces where the utilization rate of automobile production capacity in the last two years is higher than the national average, so as to promote the production capacity to gather in provinces with solid industrial foundation, complete supporting systems and obvious competitive advantages. Provinces and enterprises with low utilization of automobile production capacity are encouraged to increase capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, accelerate technological progress, eliminate backward production capacity and enhance market competitiveness

at the same time, the exposure draft also requires that the layout of the new energy automobile industry be scientifically planned, and the existing traditional fuel automobile enterprises be encouraged to increase capital investment, adjust product structure, and develop new energy automobile products. Strict investment in new pure electric vehicle enterprises has been widely expressed throughout the country that they want to start the graphene project capital project management to prevent blind distribution and low-level repeated construction. New pure electric vehicle enterprises and existing enterprises investing in pure electric vehicle projects should be built in provinces and key areas of air pollution control with good industrial foundation, complete innovation system, strong supporting capacity and great development potential. We will promote the concentration of new production capacity in provinces with strong consumption demand for new energy vehicles and great potential for replacing traditional fuel vehicles

the exposure draft divides investment projects related to the automotive industry into three categories: fuel vehicle projects, pure electric vehicle projects, and other investment projects. Among them, the fuel vehicle project includes investment projects such as fuel vehicles (including alternative fuel vehicles), ordinary hybrid electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, especially the factors that affect the corrosion and rust of the friction and wear tester; Pure electric vehicle investment projects refer to the automobile investment projects driven by electric motors, including pure electric vehicles, incremental electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and other investment projects. Other investment projects include auto engine, body assembly, power battery, fuel cell and other auto parts, power battery recycling, and special vehicle and trailer investment projects

for new pure electric vehicle enterprises, the exposure draft also puts forward strict requirements on the provinces, legal persons, major shareholders and construction contents of the project, including a construction scale of no less than 100000 pure electric passenger vehicles and a year-on-year growth of no less than 5000 pure electric commercial vehicles. In the technical requirements, the requirements for battery attenuation and 100 km power consumption are also specified

for new power battery enterprises, the exposure draft makes clear provisions in terms of product R & D institutions, teams, production equipment, production products, etc. The technical requirements for power density, fast charging rate and service life are specified. For energy type cells, the power density needs to be higher than 300 WH/kg, while for power type cells, the fast charging rate is higher than 8C

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