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The construction project of the plastic mold industrial park has been steadily promoted. Kaiyuan plastic mold industrial park has rushed the construction period, grasped the progress, and stepped up the construction to ensure the steady progress of various construction projects. Up to now, the phase I project has been successfully completed and has been successfully settled in 10 enterprises, including Liaoning Qianjiang Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., Kaiyuan Taizhou Harbor Machinery Co., Ltd. and Kaiyuan Petrochemical Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Kaiyuan plastic mold industrial park is invested and built by Taizhou Juzi Co., Ltd., covering an area of 800000 square meters. It focuses on the development of mold industries supporting the equipment manufacturing industry, such as automobile plastic mold, household appliance plastic mold, electronics and communication plastic mold and building materials. 10. Digital display plastic mold with experimental power. In addition, the plastic mold industrial park has also built a R & D center and a teaching center covering an area of 6646 square meters, aiming to create an incubator for new product design and R & D for enterprises in the park, and provide a strong and center oriented guarantee for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. The training, exchange and cooperation between the industrial park and Shenyang University of technology have improved the level of technicians, optimized the talent structure of enterprises, provided sufficient human resources guarantee for the long-term development of enterprises, and truly enabled the enterprises in the park to enjoy the advantages and achievements of the joint strengthening of industrial clusters and resource sharing

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